30 Disember 2009

Rawr !?


Ok, and finally I'm gonna post something to quite down Adri who has been nagging me to post
something for quite some time now and I'm gonna make this short..

And so I was surfing the net looking for random things and i came across a poem and decided to
post it here..and so enjoy =P

I see a silver circle
A star of hope
A light in the darkness

When you look at the sea what do you see?
I see and endless blue canvas
A place of freedom
A dark paradise

When you look at a forest what do you see?
I see a beautiful secret just for me
A place where tree spirits roam
A place that feels like home

When you look at the blue sky what do you see?
I see and endless amount of dreams
A place to fly
A place to cry

When I look at these places
I am at peace
When I look at these places
I cry myself dry
When I look at these places
I can finally be myself
after pretending for so long
When I look at these places
I am free

Ok that's all bye~
Oh wait, b4 I forgot, any1 up for paintball ?? =D
It has been really boring this past few days..

Random Pic of the Day

29 Disember 2009

there and back again


wow what a tumultuous year but we will leave that for the new years eve post.

right now i would like to wish happy birthday to 2 of our bachelors. Hazim on 23rd December and Amirudeen on 29th December.may you both celebrate new years gayfully

16 Disember 2009



If you know me well, you should know that unwanted events follows me. You might say just its just plain bad luck, but I say its not. The Universe is going against me.

But thats another story. Now, I'm talking about accidents.


I knew how to ride a bike since I was 7. But because I did not ride it often, it got rusty and when I was 10 and sat on it, lalalala, it broke.
Then, when I was 14, I got a new bike. Ever since then, I had at least 10 "accidents" and changed bikes twice.
Now, I'm about to tell YOU the ones I remember.

1. I was using my sister's bike. She said I could ride it for only 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, I continued to ride it anyway. My sister did not really mind, but my maid, who heard her telling me that I could only ride for 5 minutes, took it seriously.
She(my maid) started scolding me and shouting at me telling me to get off the bike. I ignored her and continued my biking. Suddenly, she stood in front of me with her arms spreaded like an eagle's wings.
I could not stop my bike so I turned left and fell into a drain.

2. I was cycling down a very very steep hill and the road ended. I banged into a inanimate van. BANG!. Felt a little bit dizzy but I got up and cycled away.

3. My bike had a basket. So I conviniently threw everything in there. Including my handphone. One fine day, after a game of basketball, my phone rang.
because it was in my basket, I had to lean forwards to grab it. PHEEEEEEEEWWWW!. Fell into a large drain....luckily, my phone is unharmed. Soon, some guys came to help.
They pulled me and my bike up. I thanked them and waved goodbye before cycling towards home.

4. I was cycling fast, I was late for something(I dont remember). I entered a grassy area and HOHOHOHO!. I fell on soft grass. However, my shin bled. Er Whey and Andy was there, so they helped me up and sent me home.
That wound resulted in 5 painful stitches.

5. Andy and Er Whey crossed the huge road. As usual, I am left behind because I suck. I waited, and waited. Er Whey and Andy was getting further. Thus, I impatiently cycled across.
PUP!. I got banged by a motorcycle that was going around 60km/h. I literally flew. Perhaps, if I had a cup of coffee, I could finish it before landing. Bleeding, I got up and dragged my bike out of the way of passing cars.
Er Whey and Andy came to help. They said they just heard a loud bang and saw my bike and whatever that was in my basket flying. I left my bike there cause It was totally crushed and they helped me get back home.
When I came back 30 minutes after, my crushed bike was gone.

6. So, my dad bought me a cool, expensive new bike. Foolishly, I cycled downhill fast one fine day. There was a speed bump ahead. I did not care and ran into the speed bumb and thus, it acted as a ramp and I flew.
I landed safely. Owh how lucky I was. You really think so? A car was reversing up ahead. So, I braked. That made my back tire to be lifted up because of the sudden stop and I flew.
My bike gracefully did a 270degree frontflip and I landed on my face. Then, I got on my bike, and cycled away.

7. This is totally unrelated to accidents, but my aunt got me a new bike. Why? Because my cool, expensive new bike was stolen. I suspect that my maid who had ran away with my only ORIGINAL XboX game, "Kung Fu Panda" and a sponge cake did the crime.
That maid walked past my house 6 months later, holding a baby in her hand. I was like "WTH! She ran away from my house 6 months ago, why got baby wan."
You get the picture.

8. This morning, I got hit by a motorcycle...again! But this time it was cooler. I did not really remember the details of my crash, but when it was over, I got up and stood on my feet, posing as though I had just survived a zombie apocalypse or something.
The motorcyclist stopped at the roadside looking seriously injured. I dragged my bike off the road and went to check on him. First, he was quiet. But after apologising to him for a few minutes, he started cursing and stuff. Gosh, was I scared.
Apparantly, his leg hurt. After apologising for what seemed like an hour, he let me go. He was quite kind. He did not punch me in the face or sue me. So, I continued on my journey, on my bike.

9. Er Whey's bike got pawned. This afternoon, he parked his bike at the side of 7-Eleven innocently. Then, a car came and banged his bike before dashing away. sad.

1. As far as I remembered, two girls "accidently" smacked my ass....both on different times, different girls. Both of them, after smacking my ass, perhaps even groping around a little, acted as if nothing had happened.

2. My friend whom I dare not tell his name, once "accidently" smacked a woman teacher's ass soo hard, she did not realise that her ass had just got smacked. He told me it was an "accident". Yeah right.


1. For reasons I could not remember, a girl I did not know once kicked me in the crotch. Owch.

2. I used to be active in Taekwondo. When I was small, the teacher used to ask me to spar with girls for reasons I can not state. Also, for reasons I dare not tell, I often got hit in the crotch while sparring with the girls.
Accident or not, it was excruciating.
*No.1 was not during sparring*


Everytime there is a party, things will happen to me. Bad things.
The ones I remember,

1. It was Riyal's birthday party. Well, it was not really a party, we just went out. Anyway, me, Hazim, Adri and Riyal went to eat in the food court.
I bought a cup of iced lemon tea and a plate of chicken rice. We found a good seat and sat down while eating quite happily. Suddenly, with great wisdom, I spilled my drink all over my chicken rice.
I ate it anyway. Tasted quite nice.

2. Hadi's party. Spilled syrup all over my 7B Shirt. Indeed it is waterproof :D

3. "Accidently" got too close to Fawwaz's neice. Got pawned by her. I have witnesses!!!!!

Actually, there are many more accidents in my life. Perhaps if my life were made into a movie, I would win a Grammy. :D

14 Disember 2009

final call


is this how were all supposed to feel
alone in our own zone body shiverring from the chill
i wonder how isolation will effect me
whether the dead silence will burn away my sanity
tracking through day to day life seems so lifeless
cause all we end up doing is something pointless
the bricks of a building will eventually crack
then we're forced to support the weight on our backs
we werent designed for all these misgivings
but fate has a plans for us we cant refuse
its imposed on us and we cant even choose
a third party will look at it being amused
but they will soon realise that they have been misued
we're all sometimes just making plans without any clues
we merely assume a facade
a mere veneer of truth ,destiny and fate
then we will be greeted by a heavenly gate
thats where we will find our perfect soul mate
where we can finally conjugate
a place without any hate,irate or discriminate
its a fools wishes it is but a fool is honest
he doesnt see what causes ppl to be dishonest
back to the topic of the day i can finally say
ive been planning this our since early may
yes my words are astray and my sanity hasnt gone away
its just i feel like i wanna stay
and wish i didnt have to feel like there was something i missed

ahmad riyal,15 december 2009

9 Disember 2009



Alas! Freedom has arrived to our doorstep!
With this gift given to us by time, we shall use it wisely!
To shoot videos!!
Play video games!
And stuff that bachelors would do!!
Oh the anticipation!!

However, it is also a sign of separation.
Physically we will be separated but our bonds will grew longer as we move further.
New things to adapt.
New topics to learn.
New skills to master.
THAT, my friend, is what I call life..
The future awaits..

Random pic of the day:

Shine like Freedom

4 Disember 2009



(The following dialogs may contain inaccuracies.)

Amir: Does this ever happen to you that when you fart with an absolutely horrendous smell suddenly you feel like yawning and you suck in all the smelly, putrid, disgusting air particles into your throat and you can FEEL that exact same fart in your throat until your hair withers away, your eyeballs burst, your head split into two and your brain being eaten by A WILD BRAIN-EATING BABOON!!!

Adri: Umm..no..

Amir: Yeah me too.... Wanna play basketball?

Random picture of the day:

28 November 2009

This blog is alive with ninjas!


Hello people! Now is SPM season and everyone is studying very hard!
It is also Ninja season!
Yes people you read correctly..

Within the last 2 months, they are two new ninja movies.

Ninja Assassin


I saw Ninja Assassin and it was awesome!
Rain kicks donkeys!!
I have yet to see the very simple-titled, Ninja

In a different genre, I am currently playing 2 ninja games!

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2

Ninja Blade (PC)

So It's ninjas for me this SPM season and loving every second of it!
Now go study!!

27 Oktober 2009

look,listen, and inhale


well this is a new form of wordplay,
if u cant handle it then baby have good day,
for those who are interested in my style.
just listen to me for short long while,
i dont live life to bother nobody,
i go out with friends to make new buddies,
id dont like to sit and stand,
to me that does nt make up a man,
nor a women with her incandescent glow,
we should not worry about a red light ,
but release the brake and go,
look,listen and inhale
life shouldnt be wasted life a trophy at a yard sale,
too precious is this gift from god,
you'd be a fool to hold the gun and take the shot
(end chorus)
life is too short really to worry ur freedom away,
thats why when you have the time ,
please commit a personal crime,
step over your lines,
and realise that its all in the frame of mind,
walls can be turned to doors that can be opened,
bar cells are just like a cradle you can climb over,
go to the streets with a fast car you cant manoeuver,
u see a girl on the side walk and offer her ride,
rules and ethics are just barriers waiting to be breached,
a global language is waiting to be uphold,
at the end of the day when you start to get cold,
take a look at your dreams and you wont feel so old.
break out from your imaginary shells,
cause in them its a cold damp hell,
let your brain grow and let your mind swell,
open up to possibilities and listen to the stories they tell,
take grief in stride,take sadness with a smile,
swim 3/4 of a mile then come on back,
your experience wont be lack,
look,listen and inhale ....check.

ahmad riyal,27 oct 2009

23 Oktober 2009

Words from the EDITOR


I have gone through our channel (The7Bachelors) and the 7 Bachelors have surpass my expectation for having 2 videos with 10000+ views although those are not actually considered as our creation but it is a parody of parody...

Most Viewed Videos of 7B Top 7
1. Masked Freek was 'imitated' in Kamen Rider >16,138 views [A shocked for Kamen Rider Fans!]
2. 7B - Price of Freedom Piano lesson >13,206 views
[Arigatou Yu Ming-san!]
3. 7B - Crisis Core The Price of Freedom >11,723 views [Domo Arigatou Everyone]
4. Kamen Rider Parody: Masked Freak 999 >6,713 views
[It is a nice video]
5. Masked Freek: A Kamen Rider parody ep. 3 - 2 >5,131 views [Adri did well on this one]
6. 7B - Nipple Tickle >4,229 views
[How intrusive...]
7. 7B Fantasy: Death Awaits >4,195 views
[Well our First RPG style]

Well thats the top 7 most viewed videos out of 56 videos.. YES FIFTHY SIX VIDEOS!!! 14 more and 7B will be clebrating our 70th Video for the 7B lucky 7 ^^. Good luck to everyone in 7B and 7B fans for SPM or PMR or anything that can be a nuisance in life. Hope we can make more videos for our viewers, friends and fans. but before that we will be taking a short two months break.. YES SHORT.. for our SPM... and our last video before our break will be published soon ^^
..and thx for supporting

21 Oktober 2009

thats what you get

is this were my life is going,
always a wrong turn never the right turn,
sometimes i just feel like i gonna burn,
this life that im walking just feels so distant,
but its hard to go through life without any resentment,
i just ned to keep track on were i stand,
working through lifes conundrams im sure i can,
but i cant help like im getting depressed,
with all thats going on it will pile up and stress,
its getting hard to inhale into my chest,
why cant i go to bed and get some rest,
always that my issues are keeping me awake,
of my past and present with all their mistakes,
some momments the shakes like a big earthquake,
i can help feel my lifes at stake,
but i got to remember to take a break,
cause if i dont im gonna do something im gonna regret,
i pace up and down till im drenched in sweat,
i can admit that i wanna just stop and vent,
but that would be wrong cause my demons will be out therefore i cant,
more than anything i just wanna have someone by my side,
someone i can bring along on all my rides,
someone to pat my back when im sitting along ang crying,
a few words and advice would stop me from thinking of dying

welcome one and all


welcome one and all to another installement of the 7 bachelors blog.

now as some of you might know i havent been blogging much recently.but thats all about to change with this entry oh yes indeed.
nothing much going on right now besides preparations for exams.yeah we'll just have to wait and see how thats gonna turn out.
on a much lighter note shawn lee has just won the malaysian beatbox championship.he is the inaugral winner of the inaugral event.congrates to you man mr. betabox malaysia.

so yeah thats all.
it might seem a little boring but thats a life of a bachelors so far.
oh and to those post pmr syndrome inflicted people do enjoy yourself.

15 Oktober 2009

The History of Bachelor


A bachelor is a man above the age of majority who has never been married (single), the terms origin in this sense dates from 1385, Middle English.

The term is sometimes restricted to men who do not have and are not actively seeking a spouse or other personal partner. For example, men who are in a committed relationship with a personal partner to whom they are not married are no longer generally considered "bachelors," but neither are they considered married. Thus, a broad grey, unnamed status has emerged between the concepts of "bachelor" and "married man." Research done by sociologists Richard Pitt and Elizabeth Borland sharpens the definition of bachelor to mean "men who live independently, outside of their parents' home and other institutional settings, who are neither married nor cohabitating" for just this reason. They discovered that these bachelors were more liberal in their attitudes towards women's roles in society; this was not the case for those men who were only "unmarried".

"Most eligible bachelor" is a generic term for a published listing of bachelors considered to be desirable marriage candidates. Usually "most eligible bachelor" lists are published on an annual basis and present listed men in a ranked order.

11 Oktober 2009

Happy 2nd Anniversay, 7B!!! (EDITED)


Yo peeps! On the 9th of October 2009.. The 7 Bachelors have finally turned 2!!!
Yes I knew we could last 2 years unlike that other group.. *cough*Chikupak*cough*
Someone was suppose to blog this on the day itself. (Isn't that right, Ashraf?)
Anyway, let me give you a brief history of 7B.

During the year 2005, while doing an english class power point project about stress (was it?), Danial (now Bachelor #3) and I were thinking of what name we should call ourselves.
My aunt, who was nearby, said, 'Why don't you call yourselves The 6 Bachelors?'
There were six of us back then which composed of;

Me (Adri)
Lai Teck Yan
Alan Yaw

Yup, we used to have 2 Chinese guys in the group. Lol.
Anyway, we accepted the name and 'The 6 Bachelors' was born!
Yes the name came from my aunt. Big deal!!

The following year, Hadi (now Bachelor #7 and editor) came to our school and entered our class. That same year, our science teacher gave us a power point project about something and we have Hadi in the group! Ashraf and Hazim joined us on that year too. Amir, Teck Yan, and Alan Yaw didn't for they were in separate classes. That's the last time we saw the likes Alan Yaw & Teck Yan . There were 2 temporary members which were Gerald Lim and Lim Ming Wei. With all this separation and recruitment, The 7 Bachelors was born! Unofficially.

2007 was the year where the videos came to be.
Having been inspired by the best of youtube like smosh, we decided to create our own youtube channel!
Right after PMR of that year, on the 9th of October 2007, The 7 Bachelors was born!! OFFICIALLY!!
From then on we have produced a fan page, this blog and 55 videos! (and counting)
Including this anniversary video!!

We hope this group will last longer than 2 years!
Even though we might be separated next year, this group can still live on within us.
Plus we can still upload videos by ourselves.
Let us accomplish more in the near future, bachelors!!

Random pic of the day:

Group photo!! ;D

25 September 2009

The Annoying Chicken


Introducing, THE NEWEST 7B VIDEO!!!

Starring the usual members and a special guest star, Chong Er Whey!

(Click here to view the vid and comment/rate)

Er Whey, has been a good friend of Amir for an astounding 7 years! Yes, you read it right, 7 years! Thats like 7/17 of Amir's whole entire lifetime!
He is also well known by other 7B members for he is a swell dude. For being around 5feet 11inches, he is so far the tallest person to appear in a 7B video. Now that, is worthy of being in The 7B Hall of Fame!
Bear in mind people, he is a bachelor too!
So ladies, what are you waiting for? Call 016-Chong-Er-Whey NOW!

Umm...I'm talking crap again...


Now that, is CHEAP!

21 September 2009

Safe Raya Day!!


Should have posted this yesterday but here it goes..


To ALL of our friends of ALL religion, culture and race!
We share the same country, might as well share the same celebration!!

Random pic of the day:

16 September 2009

Facebook fan page!


Oh children of the world!!
I bring good news!!
The facebook fan page is up and ready!!
We now have 75 fans and counting!
Kinda low if you ask me but sedikit-sedikit, lama-lama jadi bukit!


for the ultimate facebook fan page eva!!!

So what are you waiting for!!!?
Be a fan!!

Random pic of the day:

click it for a closer look! ;)

14 September 2009



And thank you, Ashraf for inviting us 6 bachelors to your house for the doa selamat.
I'm sure we will all be safe during the exam.
Oh and the nasi goreng was marvellous!!
Call me if you are going to use that caterer again!

And also,
thanks to the other bachelors for keeping this blog alive!
Give yourself a clap!
Now if only Hazim just post something then this blog would be complete.

Now i shall leave you all with a quote!!
"There is no greater wealth than friendship, let’s make it our treasure."
-Jiiya the butler from Kamen Rider Kabuto

That is all!!

13 September 2009

A success!

Thank you to the 6 bachelors who came to my very first doa selamat at my hse.
Also to the rest like aiman, hasif, asyraff and fawwaz aka iban.
i hope you enjoyed the makan. the nasi goreng was good i hope. adri i need ur feedback!
And also to thank you for not thrashing my room too much. i still managed to sleep that night without any unwanted stuff on my bed sheets.
erm.. and TO RIYAL.
PLEASE POST THE PICTURED ON FACEBOOK. and the videos on youtube if u want.
thats all thx!


12 September 2009

The Drifting Concious


The night was peaceful and quiet
I felt like taking my sleep even further like an endless poet..
Soaked myself into the darkness of never ending dream
Gather my strength to say farewell to everyone in the life's stream
Waiting and waiting for my love one to arrive
But as soon as my hope goes up to its hive

it was 5 o'clock in the morning
So I get up from my bed and started filling
After I filled up my empty desire
I went back to my holy empire
Continue on my dream to escape from the world's pain
.. and it was still 5 o'clock in the morning... what a pain...

Random Pic of the day

8 September 2009

yet another one.i think im loosing my touch


another breathe and i want redemtion,
but whats holding me back is my own emotions,
every effort is just an excuse to relax,
without even trying at all i just procrastinate to the max,
the hours tick away but im nowhere near then when i strayed,
no longer trying to fit everything in,
just trying to get get out of this position again,
time is said to be like gold not dirt,
but i treat it like it has no such worth,
a few more minutes past by,
i cant explain why i still dont try,
sometimes its exhausting when your lifes to dry,
im fighting back the tears when i curl and cry,
to be honest i wonder what it would be like to die,
not having to wonder how my life will get by,
im not suicidal i just wanna get that straight,
im not saying i dont wanna see heavens gate,
im writting this down on my imaginary pen,
my mind just empty my thought all dried and drained,
it used to be so simple to just keep expressing myself,
i still believe it is good for my health,
but i cant deny what i cant ignore,
my foresight that i had is not as rich as before,
im searching through my mind for the words that i found,
but all i see is a black lack where my thoughts all drowned,
the crowded emptiness feels so sound,
the sounds of my echoes vibrate me all around,
i need a good kick to start me going,
to get me rolling is just part of the story,
the next is to see if i end up being happy.

1 September 2009

something from the present


who are we to think were on the top,
one minute pleasure the next minute pain and then it all stops,
the right hook never seen coming,
the whole in the ground that i just slipped in,
but i stick with my believe that with torture comes relief,
god doesnt give us what we want but what we need,
still if only u didnt tell me on that bench seat,
my ears could not believe what ur mouth speaked,
i stoned for an hour and hurt for a week,
but through my pain i found a little strength,
a little faith,
all i had to do was plaster my wound and crawl away,
the funny thing is if u ask my friends thats not what theyd say,
so this where i am right now with all my tears wiped away,
but theres just one question i have to say
and that is" will i be okay?"

something from the past


twist n turns of a life circuit
were just driving around untill were found
hear a whisper in the wind
hoping that its a kin
one look and we get dissapointed
the image is a mirror old and dilapidated
we continue racing till the flag comes out
enjines to loud we cant think out loud
feathering the throttle trying to get the balance
really in the end does it all make sence
the brakes dont work
the steering even worse
we loose control over our own path
if u dont get it just do the math

30 Ogos 2009

iNSPIRATION (part 2)..


This is Adri with yet again another inspiring message.

I have this theory that chocolate slows down the aging process.... It may not be true, but do I dare take the chance?


Ramadhan is getting to me..

28 Ogos 2009



I had a peaceful dinner just now. Well, that was before my sister crack a joke causing food from my esophagus to be shot towards my nasal cavity. There still are a few pieces of beef clinging up there. I think I would be digging beef from my nose for one whole week. Arghhh...it truly was a unique expirence. One of a kind I dare say.

Before :

After :

Blowing it out was like vomiting but with your nose and belive me, the pain was far from comfortable.


looks like there's beef in his nostrils too! XD



This is Adri with today's inspirational message.
-Boh Hong Yew
That is all.

for my muslim peeps


this post is mainly for the muslim viewers of this blog.islam hip hop at its best so far

24 Ogos 2009

survivor episode 3


hello you all.my recent "therapy" sessions have been good.oh just so everyone knows and understands me and my ex are on good terms as always.it has taken a few days but im feeling much better now thanks to the help a quite a few friends.some more notably than others but all helped me get better.

a class dinner was held recently but i didnt go.sorry guys

ah yes a few weeks ago i was suppose to post a post about the karate competition.so i'll just do it now(better late then never).quite a good haul of medals.1 gold,a few silvers and a few bronze.
i was in male open kata.i managed to make my way to the final before shihandai wong chi sing(one of my instructors).i shall train harder to beat my teacher one day.

what im most proud of is my 2 girls(nicole form1 and nicole form 5)got into the finals for womens junior kata.so form 1 for gold and form 2 won silver.but then again there were only 3 contestants in all.but anyway im not taking the victory from them they deserved it.

hm... anything else to blog...nothing much else but if i think of any i'll keep u guys in touch.



Today's lesson is "HOW TO DRAW A BACHELOR AMIR"

1st step.. Draw a circle for the face outline

2nd draw a line below the circle for the body outline

3rd step draw the hands outline

4th step draw the legs outline

lastly colour it...

That's the end of the lesson \(^o^)/ ""ciao ciao""

Random pic of the day

19 Ogos 2009



yeah this post is how it reads.i am now single after just breaking up with millie.how redundent was that sentence.i guess im still trying to get use to the feeling.so approximately 4 month 7 days 1 hour 50 minutes after we got together our relationship has ended.and to those reading this dont have any contemp with millie because i dont.not at all

these following vids have nothing to do with her

14 Ogos 2009

What makes us yawn?


Next time you're in a meeting, try this little experiment: Take a big yawn, cover your mouth out of courtesy, and watch and see how many people yawn. There's a good chance that you'll set off a chain reaction of yawns. Before you finish reading this question of the day, it's likely that you will yawn at least once. Don't misunderstand, we aren't intending to bore you, but just reading about yawning will make you yawn, just as seeing or hearing someone else yawn makes us yawn.

­What's behind this mysterious epidemic of yawning? First, let's look at what a yawn is. Yawning is an involuntary action that causes us to open our mouths wide and breathe in deeply. We know it's involuntary because we do it even before we are born. Research shows that 11-week-old fetuses yawn. There are many parts of the body that are in action when you yawn. First, your mouth opens and jaw drops, allowing as much air to be taken in as possible. When you inhale, the air taken in is filling your lungs. Your abdominal muscles flex and your diaphragm is pushed down. The air you breath in expands the lungs to capacity and then some of the air is blown back out.

Common Yawning Theories

While the dictionary tells us that yawning is caused by being fatigued, drowsy or bored, scientists are discovering that there is more to yawning than what most people think. Not much is known about why we yawn or if it serves any useful function, and very little research has been done on the subject. However, there are several theories about why we yawn. Here are the three most common theories:

* The Physiological Theory -- Our bodies induce yawning to drawn in more oxygen or remove a build-up of carbon dioxide. This theory helps explain why we yawn in groups. Larger groups produce more carbon dioxide, which means our bodies would act to draw in more oxygen and get rid of the excess carbon dioxide. However, if our bodies make us yawn to drawn in needed oxygen, wouldn't we yawn during exercise? Robert Provine, a psychologist at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, and a leading expert on yawning, has tested this theory. Giving people additional oxygen didn't decrease yawning and decreasing the amount of carbon dioxide in a subject's environment also didn't prevent yawning.
* The Evolution Theory -- Some think that yawning is something that began with our ancestors, who used yawning to show their teeth and intimidate others. An offshoot of this theory is the idea that yawning developed from early man as a signal for us to change activities.
* The Boredom Theory -- In the dictionary, yawning is said to be caused by boredom, fatigue or drowsiness. Although we do tend to yawn when bored or tired, this theory doesn't explain why Olympic athletes yawn right before they compete in their event. It's doubtful that they are bored with the world watching them.

The simple truth is that even though humans have been yawning for possibly as long as they have existed, we have no clue as to why we do it. Maybe it serves some healthful purpose. It does cause us to draw in more air and our hearts to race faster than normal, but so does exercise. There's still much we don't understand about our own brains, so maybe yawning is triggered by some area of the brain we have yet to discover. We do know that yawning is not limited to man. Cats, dogs, even fish yawn, which leads us back to the idea that yawning is some form of communication.

Have we provoked a yawn out of you yet? If we have, hopefully it's not out of boredom, but by the power of suggestion.

Credits to : HowStuffsWork

The Randomness!!!


Hey folks!!
We just released another cool video!!
Joy to the world!!
Watch it in HD for full experience!

13 Ogos 2009

Innovative Emotion


Awesome photo!
Click it for better quality
Special thanks to Lee Kar Sing!

9 Ogos 2009



On the 3rd of the 8th month of twenty-o-nine, a illness befell on me and put me in a very BAAAAAAAD condition..

On the 5th of the 8th month of twenty-o-nine, my father came to me and said..


Life couldn't get any better..
So I did go to Johor to quarantine myself from the people of Peejay and to prevent any further complications.
Not only I was reunited with my PS3 but I get to sleep at the new house!!
Let me show you around.

This piece of beauty happens to be my resting place where I put my tired head on that pillow over there.

It also acts as a sofa! (Results may vary)

And this happens to be my 4 year old bro's bed where my 15 year old bro had to sleep on.
At least it makes him young again. :)

This is the temporary PS3 playing area.
Look closely for pink bunny slipper.

Now this is my sister's room.
If you haven't notice, it's pink.

And this AWESOME piece of machinery is the living room TV!!
Watching 'Handy Manny' hasn't been this fun!!!

Well that's all I gotta show ya.
If I show the whole house, we'll get rob!!
Ok see ya!

Random pic of the day:

Peace out!

4 Ogos 2009

learn from the great then ameliarate.


let me ask u for an opinion,
is it really worth it the life im in,
tomorrow's so long away the last week just past away,
the next momment just passed so fast,
i barely feeel it and when i do it wont last,
wondering around is it all right there,
feelings these things that are as thin as air,
water has lost its taste already,
food that just wont satisfy me,
i pull my on hair just to feel the numbness,
the next few lines just seem so harmless,
but just wait till i let the chorus in,
oops my bad im not suppose to tell u that,
it breaks the surprise,
and in the end all u show me is lies,
whats my worth?
well i can tell u its more than dirt,
in the eyes of my love i look good in jeans and shirts,
ask her urself then see if she goes besserk,
at the assumption that im being just me,
my thirst for acceptance is still hungry,
but i dont really care cause my soul is bare,
ignore the roumours its time to face reality,
sipping another drink till my legs are wobally,
tip toeing around trying not to wake my mommy,
trying out an old facade again,
and wait till i do gods plan

31 Julai 2009

I Love New York!


My mom went to New York last week and came back on wednesday anddd....SHE BOUGHT ME STUFFS. YAY!

Here are the pictures of the stuffs she bought for me. Just to make you jealous :D

Yay, toys!!!

New props for 7B videos! Stay tuned!

New York!

Now you see them,

Now you dont!

and....Zooey Deschanel and a Kitten!

Thats all folks!


Crane King Kong Stance!

27 Julai 2009

Mary Jane


People of 7B! I received a request from my good friend Fauzan that he wants us to help him make a video tribute to our good friend MJ!
I was like..

Adri: What?! *with high pitch sound* Are you kidding?

Fauzan: Yeah man! That would be great rite?

Adri: NO it isn't! You know MJ is still alive and well with Peter!!

Fauzan: Say whaaaaaaaat?

Adri: Wait, which MJ again?

Fauzan: The King of Pop man!!!

Adri: Oh rite! Never really like the other one. :)

Fauzan: So watchu say? We could make a dance/comedy/ romance video of some sort..

Then suddenly.. bursts of ideas came rushing into my head and the only one that caught my attention was a...


Fauzan: Really now?

Adri: Ya ya!! I could be like... the narrator or something and you can be like... the sidekick/guinea pig who does everything the narrator told him to..!..!

Fauzan: .....

Adri: .. or something!

Fauzan: Hahaha!! That's great! How does it start?

Adri: Well..err...hmm...erm...sorta.. here let me whisper..

Fauzan: But we're on msn....

Adri: Shuddap you!!

Fauzan: Oh ok....

Adri: *whisper*whisper*mutants*whisper*whisper*aliens*whisper*spider-man*whisper*moonwalk with two tables*whisper*

Fauzan: AWESOME!!! How does it end?

And that's when everything went blank and I found out it was just a dream...
Typical ending.
But yeah.
So our next project is a tribute video for MJ. Or something like that..
I am still drafting it out but it will finish soon..
I hope...

Curse SPM! :D

Random Pic of The Day:


19 Julai 2009



Here's our new video!!!

To be honest, its not our best music video.
But you can get a couple of laughs from it so, yeah...watch it!!!

btw, I watched Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince just now and it was awesome!!!
great character development and I (kinda) cried when dumbledore died...owh gosh, SPOILER!
lol, like nobody knew that...anyways, the movie contained good humour, nice visual effects, great romance....overall, it was WICKED!

its been a while but here comes THE...



16 Julai 2009

Duck duck goose


When I see the word duck, I am reminded of 4 things;

  1. Donald Duck
  2. Daisy Duck
  3. One of Allah's creations, the duck
  4. A duck ringtone that interrupts President Obama's speech
And thus leads you to this event of you watching this video.

Enjoy ;)
And good luck Amir in the transplant.

Random picture of the day:

Halo Halo


When I see the word halo, I am reminded of 3 things;

  1. The ring on top of angels
  2. The science fiction game 'Halo' released only for the Xbox
  3. The song 'Halo' by Beyonce
And thus, this event allows me to present this video.

Enjoy ;)
Oh and good luck Riyal in the competition.

Random pic of the day:

14 Julai 2009

beatbox malaysian style


heres my entry vid


finally i can sign in to the blog.for some reason i couldnt sign in.
so yeah here i am after a few months without blogging.

well well what can i talk about....i sent in my entry for the malaysian beatbox challenge.
this is the first malaysian beatbox competition in malaysia.so yeah going up agaisnt the likes of shawn lee shazet M3 MCRAVE(mak cik ravi).so yeah wish me luck.

oh and sports day this is was absolutely magnanimous.first of congrates to the blue house marchers for dominating the house marching event.and all the teasing by us the purple house folks...its just a bit of playful banner.a little sportsmenship teasing is all.

and id like to send my respects to joel soon.he is irrevocably the best marching conductor we have ever had.he is fun,light hearted,dedicated,respectful,nuturing and this made us all respect him and made us want to do our best.these people are the best leaders.and also id like to thanks kishore for the support he gave us.

speaking of kishore congrates to the kadet polises on winning their 3 victory in 4 years.

and i need some help downloading some songs for my power point presentation and i also need help on how to prepare a power point presentation.

more to come perhaps

11 Julai 2009

Bored Saviour..


Ola people! Things have been really bored lately so I'm gonna present you with two awesome random videos! Not from us btw.
Enjoy ;D

Ok make that 3 videos.
Gotta love Kamen Rider punching random guy.

5 Julai 2009

7B Blog Series Production presents: A Taekwando mishap..


Today's characters:

Left - Bob
Right - Kenny

One day...

Bob: Oh hey Kenny!

Kenny: Oh hai Bob.

Bob: Sorry that I'm late.

Kenny: It's cool. Ready for the game?

Bob: Oh yeah! Oh geez..

Kenny: What's wrong?

Bob: I left my wallet. I'll be right back.

Kenny: It's ok. I'll just stone here like I always do.


Bob: Oh look! A banana peel which I'm not gonna step on!

Kenny: !!

Bob: Oops..!!

Kenny: I should stop stoning now.

Bob: Whoaaa!!

Kenny: MY EYES!!! MY MUTHA******* EYES!!!

Bob: My bad..

So kids, today's lesson is..




oh and Karate rules! :D
That is all!!
Good day!!

Random pic of the day:

Muahahaha! :D

Today's 7B Blog Series is brought to you by a taekwando book you could find in your library.