13 April 2010



these days i wake and i feel so great
even though im in a rutt i feel ok
no longer lonelt no longer feel betrayed
its all in the past and the present's now a gift
i hope it will last not be as brief
cause when i look around i see you flashing by
and i see you every time i close eye

our innocence is briliant
i honestly think i life i moe vibrant
full of colour and sound
and im no longer in my empty bounds
this is the best feeling
finally company that isnt leaving

when i hold you i i feel the warmth of you
the aura you shine
it illuminates my whole mind
you are what makes life great

*Inspired by the song 'Innocence' by Avril Lavigne

P.S:weird that a bachelor is writting this right

3 April 2010

PLS read


hello all faithful readers of the7b and members of 7b.just wanna inform you that daniel yoong(singing daniel) is having his album launch and your all invited.compulsory for all 7b members.and as an added bonus i am performing along with the main singer of the album the daniel himself.

Venue:tropicana city mall
Date  :sunday,11 april 2010
Time  :1pm-3pm

pls come an supprt our local music scene!!