30 Jun 2009

Is this good or bad?


It's been 2 days I have not gone to school..
Headache from watching Transformers 2..
But that couldn't last for 2 days and cause a fever..
Exhaustion from all the marching..
Too much exposure to the outside world..
Hope not.
I know I have fever but it is all gone now and I don't have the rest of the symptoms..
Sometimes, I like to think that I am immune to all this deadly diseases..
Yes I have too much confident in me..

Swine who?
Bird what?
Can you spell SARS for me?

Yup, too much confident..
But somehow, normal diseases get to me..


Just this morning, before school, I felt a lil bit better and thought to myself, "Back to school..".
And do you know what my grandma told me?
"Sembahyang, tidur balik."
As good as that sounds, I felt i'm gonna miss out alot at school.
Plus SPM is near..
And this afternoon, I wanted to go to tuition cause I skipped it for the past 2 weeks and I feel a WHOLE lot better,,
My grandma and my aunt said NO! Tak sihat lagi!
So long chemistry.. ;(

I hope I'll be back in school soon..

24 Jun 2009

whispers in the deepening heart

the trees have now turned from green to gold,
life span seems shorter everytime we sell our soul,
with a sigh people turn away,
with a depening heart no words to say,
among all these predators we become prey,
whispers in my head making me go the hard way,
not knowing if i have the will power to stay,
i se light when i see ur face,
im hear waiting for u to come so i can embrass,
u make sence of this world that cant be defined in words,
u stop the spirals even just for a minute,
when u fall i hope i catch that i can admit,
other than that only few give my trust in it,
and then theres one thing,
why are we all so obsessed with time,
no its not a crime but we try to keep it in our minds,
20 weeks to judgement 40 weeks till retribution,
all to realise our one true ambition,
but even that we can comprehend to grasp,
cause with our past we carry too much mass,
we always point fingers to the past to put the blam on someone else,
but we dont admit that we are responsible thats for sure as hell,
the weight of my eye lids pulling them down,
im too tired to even smile or frown,
i just gotta wipe the sweat away so that my tears can wash away,
time for bed is not sure of rest,
trashing at night hoping we would stop feeling depressed,
wanting to do more but yet we achieve so little what for,
always pushing andpulling to get that final score.



hello again.firt time im blogging for sometime.what to blog about.hm...

nothing much really marching is going really well.played badminton with friends and others.
oh just one thing


im not pulling ur leg or any other appendages.they can shoot in pure darkness.once they killed adri and instead of coming out of the room and scanning the surrounding they waited until i came out then they killed me.they actually set traps.

but the most amazing thing was when adri waited aroun the corner for them to come out.adri had a little bit of health left.what the guard ddi was shoot him and the bullet hit me 20 meters away.and since i had full health it must have been a head shot.never in a games history have they ever done 2 head shots with one bulet.

more to come i hope

17 Jun 2009



Now that things are now peaceful around here, let us get to business..
I give you RM1 for each RM5 you have.
If 100 people agree to this, we, no, I will get RM400.
Violence is sweet.
Especially in video games.
Like this one game I am recently been playing..
It is called [Prototype]!
Yes the square brackets are necessary..
Moving on, this game allows me to release my stress in more ways than one.
1st off, in the game, you are unstoppable.
2nd, you can jump high, glide, wall run, wall run up, convert biomass into weapons (No seriously, the weapons in the game are biomass. Cool eh?) and send tentacles all over the place. :D
3rd, you can almost kill and destroy anyone and anything. (And i DO mean ANYONE and ANYTHING)
And 4th, you wear a freaking hoodie!

See what I mean.

Would you believe a single man can kill everyone in that picture and destroy that heli with their bodies?
Not unless you're a FREAK!!
And but that, I don't mean a masked one.
Get it?
Masked Freek!
A character from one of our videos?
Than watch more of our videos.

Random pic of the day:

I hear that.

14 Jun 2009

No CBox due to fucking spammer difficulty.


For a limited time only, the cbox will be temporarily remove due to stupid fucking people who keeps spamming the damn thing!!
I'm sorry for the language but I just had it with those motherfuckers who think they can proclaim they're Jesus and go cursing like they own the place!
Not only that, they even try to impersonate one of us!
And saying we're sadder than Zhen Kit?!
(That's an inside story coming soon to cinemas near you)

Well here's our reply (well mostly mine) to all of you guys' spams..


Go find another blog to spam, FUCKERS!!
Or better yet, do everyone a GREAT favour and just KILL YOUR FUCKING SELF!!
I dunno if you're jealous or angry or just plain stupid to go spammed us with your bullshit for making videos or something by saying we suck la or suck balls la..
Well, I have something to say..


Watcha gonna say bout that now, bastards?!
Oh wait..
you can't because you don't have the DAMN CBOX!!
Who has the last laugh now, motherfuckers!!?
Oh yeah, me!


That was satisfying yet scary at the same time..
Well anyway, yeah our new video is up and it's running in an online video contest sponsored by Corntoz.
So, look for it here in the video gallery and vote for us ya?

Wow, cursing and advertising in the same post..

Random pic of the day:

Even the baby is angry at the spammers. :D

13 Jun 2009

Commercial or short video??


Yo, minasan! Oshisaburi des.. Ore haddys-san
btw let's cut the out with the introduction... ei why am I introducing my self...
here's a commercial/short video of corntoz or is this how you spell it...
this video is freaking 40 layers!!! and I wasted a lot of time... I still have Add Math project to go on the next schedule... Imagine if I can spend the time with Alicia-chan instead... kufufu...

well then.. Taicho as usual handle the video info and tags I'm far to busy to do so...
osh... ganbare 7B it doesn't seem i'll be able to edit the next video.. the last video from our very own editor for this year will be publish soon. so sit back and enjoy the current video ^^

12 Jun 2009



Ok let me repharse the last part that Hadi typed.

Yes we created a video that was randomly made (Like most of our videos are).

But it wasn't for lust or eye washers (if those things exist) or anything.

It's for that corntoz competition thingy!

I just thought we need a female (who is not a family member) for the video.

Always our cast are all male.

I think it's time we put some females in our videos espeacially our friends.

That way, we can get some publicity and some recognisition.

So before you, Muhd. Hadi bin Mat Rosly, make any assumptions,

please get your facts right.

Listen, I'm sorry that you had to look at that 'scene' over and over because you have a 'different'
taste in women,

but that doesn't mean you can go assumed that I invited her just for my lust or something.

I invited her because she is a good friend who is willing to act with us.

Plus, this type of video is what we usually do what!

That's all.

So everyone, today's common advice is...


Because it seems some people are not doing that nowadays.

Isn't that right 'Mask Rider/Power Rangers/Zhen Kit the asshole' of the cbox?

And it's 'Masked Rider' not 'Mask Rider'.

bodoh. :)

Now you kids enjoy "Lapricon" ya?

Random pic of the day:

11 Jun 2009

Internet Reborn!!


Haddys predictive monday....
yes that's right on 15 JUN 2009 monday, you'll come to school and found out that most people will be rushing on their Add Math project.... and then someone will borrow some else's report it doesn't have be you but someone...
(this only applies to FORM 5 Taman SEA students of the year 2009 whom actually take add math subject)

oh btw there's a lapricon on screen ^^
now that my internet has been revived from the grave... Enjoy this lapricon video.. what's up next lolicon?

Oh yeah... yeah right Adri shooting videos that we've been keeping in our heads?? We don't even have a hard disk in our heads and as far as I know we just shoot a video which is randomly made just for the sake of your lust and eyes washer and you totally forgot about the old ideas... you know what I mean...

4 Jun 2009

So long..


Ola Everybody! It's been so long since I last blogged!

You see my internet is down for the count thanks to my modem failing on me..
And it has been weeks since I last online!!
Thankfully I have Fawwaz for giving me a chance to use his com when I need it.
Thanks man.
Currently, my internet is still down and I am at Johor using my mom's internet!
My bro and I are on a journey to solve this crisis!
That way, I can get back to Kamen Rider Decade!
Also, I'm doing a lil game shopping for Amir.
Amir, if you are reading this, please list all your games you in the blog.
I'll try to get all of them! :)
Moving on, school holidays are here and we have a lot of time for shooting videos!
We are thinking of joining that corntoz commercial contest and try our luck!
If not, at least get some publicity.
Also shooting other videos that we've been keeping in our heads for SOOOOOOOOO FREAKING LONG!!
Curse you school, time and exams!
So I hope the other bachelors are free by the 2nd week of the holiday.
If not, we'll shoot without you!
So that's all for today!
I'll see ya when I see ya!

Random pic of the day:

I have to say it.. KAMEN RIDER VADER!! Hahahaha!