12 Mei 2010



Aloha people!!
Its been a while since any REAL updates have going on here.
I hope that Riyal's posts have been able to keep you entertained and inspired for a while.
Now, a lot of changes have been going through in our organization.
For example, the departure of our very Bachelor #4, Ashraf who went to the U.S.A to pursue his studies.
It was a sad thing for us to see him go.
All the memories we had together.
But we must move on!!
And I'm sure Ashraf wants us to do that.
We will miss you man!!

Ashraf: I'm not dead you know..

Adri: Shut up.

Ashraf: Ok.

Besides that,  We have uploaded 2 AWESOME new videos.
The first video is called "Connected Trailer" which can be seen below.

If you didn't know this from the start, this video is a REAL trailer.
Yes there's gonna be a full-length video of it.
It will be divided into parts because it is around 31 minutes.
The longest video ever made for 7B.
And also introducing 'exotic' guest stars! YAY~!
This trailer is way better than this trailer. xD

Now the other video is very special.
Why is it special, you might asked yourself.
Well, it is because the video was shot in Ashraf's room.
During his farewell party.
Yeah we could have gotten Ashraf to act in one final video before he left but his room was the next best thing.
And easier to access to. :D
Well here's the video.

If it isn't obvious enough, this video is dedicated to Ashraf! And his room. xD

And for the final update...
If you didn't notice the widget at the side of this blog then I will tell you now.
Yes, we are that slow.

Now, to the Bachelors, the username is our email and the password is **************
If you dunno how to log in to the blog then you can't use our twitter account. Haha.
I have integrated our twitter with our youtube account.
This means that if we upload a new video, comment, favourite a video or something, it will be posted on Twitter.
Pretty neat huh!?
So go!
Tweet til your heart stops pumping.
You can see for yourself here.

Ok, I think that's it for now.
I hope you've enjoyed this post.
I also hope that the other Bachelors will help keep the blog alive.
Especially Amir (since he is always here) and Ashraf (since you are at the States and we want to know what's going on there!!!)
Til then, Adri outside muthaf*ck*r!!

Random pic of the day: