27 Oktober 2009

look,listen, and inhale


well this is a new form of wordplay,
if u cant handle it then baby have good day,
for those who are interested in my style.
just listen to me for short long while,
i dont live life to bother nobody,
i go out with friends to make new buddies,
id dont like to sit and stand,
to me that does nt make up a man,
nor a women with her incandescent glow,
we should not worry about a red light ,
but release the brake and go,
look,listen and inhale
life shouldnt be wasted life a trophy at a yard sale,
too precious is this gift from god,
you'd be a fool to hold the gun and take the shot
(end chorus)
life is too short really to worry ur freedom away,
thats why when you have the time ,
please commit a personal crime,
step over your lines,
and realise that its all in the frame of mind,
walls can be turned to doors that can be opened,
bar cells are just like a cradle you can climb over,
go to the streets with a fast car you cant manoeuver,
u see a girl on the side walk and offer her ride,
rules and ethics are just barriers waiting to be breached,
a global language is waiting to be uphold,
at the end of the day when you start to get cold,
take a look at your dreams and you wont feel so old.
break out from your imaginary shells,
cause in them its a cold damp hell,
let your brain grow and let your mind swell,
open up to possibilities and listen to the stories they tell,
take grief in stride,take sadness with a smile,
swim 3/4 of a mile then come on back,
your experience wont be lack,
look,listen and inhale ....check.

ahmad riyal,27 oct 2009

23 Oktober 2009

Words from the EDITOR


I have gone through our channel (The7Bachelors) and the 7 Bachelors have surpass my expectation for having 2 videos with 10000+ views although those are not actually considered as our creation but it is a parody of parody...

Most Viewed Videos of 7B Top 7
1. Masked Freek was 'imitated' in Kamen Rider >16,138 views [A shocked for Kamen Rider Fans!]
2. 7B - Price of Freedom Piano lesson >13,206 views
[Arigatou Yu Ming-san!]
3. 7B - Crisis Core The Price of Freedom >11,723 views [Domo Arigatou Everyone]
4. Kamen Rider Parody: Masked Freak 999 >6,713 views
[It is a nice video]
5. Masked Freek: A Kamen Rider parody ep. 3 - 2 >5,131 views [Adri did well on this one]
6. 7B - Nipple Tickle >4,229 views
[How intrusive...]
7. 7B Fantasy: Death Awaits >4,195 views
[Well our First RPG style]

Well thats the top 7 most viewed videos out of 56 videos.. YES FIFTHY SIX VIDEOS!!! 14 more and 7B will be clebrating our 70th Video for the 7B lucky 7 ^^. Good luck to everyone in 7B and 7B fans for SPM or PMR or anything that can be a nuisance in life. Hope we can make more videos for our viewers, friends and fans. but before that we will be taking a short two months break.. YES SHORT.. for our SPM... and our last video before our break will be published soon ^^
..and thx for supporting

21 Oktober 2009

thats what you get

is this were my life is going,
always a wrong turn never the right turn,
sometimes i just feel like i gonna burn,
this life that im walking just feels so distant,
but its hard to go through life without any resentment,
i just ned to keep track on were i stand,
working through lifes conundrams im sure i can,
but i cant help like im getting depressed,
with all thats going on it will pile up and stress,
its getting hard to inhale into my chest,
why cant i go to bed and get some rest,
always that my issues are keeping me awake,
of my past and present with all their mistakes,
some momments the shakes like a big earthquake,
i can help feel my lifes at stake,
but i got to remember to take a break,
cause if i dont im gonna do something im gonna regret,
i pace up and down till im drenched in sweat,
i can admit that i wanna just stop and vent,
but that would be wrong cause my demons will be out therefore i cant,
more than anything i just wanna have someone by my side,
someone i can bring along on all my rides,
someone to pat my back when im sitting along ang crying,
a few words and advice would stop me from thinking of dying

welcome one and all


welcome one and all to another installement of the 7 bachelors blog.

now as some of you might know i havent been blogging much recently.but thats all about to change with this entry oh yes indeed.
nothing much going on right now besides preparations for exams.yeah we'll just have to wait and see how thats gonna turn out.
on a much lighter note shawn lee has just won the malaysian beatbox championship.he is the inaugral winner of the inaugral event.congrates to you man mr. betabox malaysia.

so yeah thats all.
it might seem a little boring but thats a life of a bachelors so far.
oh and to those post pmr syndrome inflicted people do enjoy yourself.

15 Oktober 2009

The History of Bachelor


A bachelor is a man above the age of majority who has never been married (single), the terms origin in this sense dates from 1385, Middle English.

The term is sometimes restricted to men who do not have and are not actively seeking a spouse or other personal partner. For example, men who are in a committed relationship with a personal partner to whom they are not married are no longer generally considered "bachelors," but neither are they considered married. Thus, a broad grey, unnamed status has emerged between the concepts of "bachelor" and "married man." Research done by sociologists Richard Pitt and Elizabeth Borland sharpens the definition of bachelor to mean "men who live independently, outside of their parents' home and other institutional settings, who are neither married nor cohabitating" for just this reason. They discovered that these bachelors were more liberal in their attitudes towards women's roles in society; this was not the case for those men who were only "unmarried".

"Most eligible bachelor" is a generic term for a published listing of bachelors considered to be desirable marriage candidates. Usually "most eligible bachelor" lists are published on an annual basis and present listed men in a ranked order.

11 Oktober 2009

Happy 2nd Anniversay, 7B!!! (EDITED)


Yo peeps! On the 9th of October 2009.. The 7 Bachelors have finally turned 2!!!
Yes I knew we could last 2 years unlike that other group.. *cough*Chikupak*cough*
Someone was suppose to blog this on the day itself. (Isn't that right, Ashraf?)
Anyway, let me give you a brief history of 7B.

During the year 2005, while doing an english class power point project about stress (was it?), Danial (now Bachelor #3) and I were thinking of what name we should call ourselves.
My aunt, who was nearby, said, 'Why don't you call yourselves The 6 Bachelors?'
There were six of us back then which composed of;

Me (Adri)
Lai Teck Yan
Alan Yaw

Yup, we used to have 2 Chinese guys in the group. Lol.
Anyway, we accepted the name and 'The 6 Bachelors' was born!
Yes the name came from my aunt. Big deal!!

The following year, Hadi (now Bachelor #7 and editor) came to our school and entered our class. That same year, our science teacher gave us a power point project about something and we have Hadi in the group! Ashraf and Hazim joined us on that year too. Amir, Teck Yan, and Alan Yaw didn't for they were in separate classes. That's the last time we saw the likes Alan Yaw & Teck Yan . There were 2 temporary members which were Gerald Lim and Lim Ming Wei. With all this separation and recruitment, The 7 Bachelors was born! Unofficially.

2007 was the year where the videos came to be.
Having been inspired by the best of youtube like smosh, we decided to create our own youtube channel!
Right after PMR of that year, on the 9th of October 2007, The 7 Bachelors was born!! OFFICIALLY!!
From then on we have produced a fan page, this blog and 55 videos! (and counting)
Including this anniversary video!!

We hope this group will last longer than 2 years!
Even though we might be separated next year, this group can still live on within us.
Plus we can still upload videos by ourselves.
Let us accomplish more in the near future, bachelors!!

Random pic of the day:

Group photo!! ;D