31 Julai 2009

I Love New York!


My mom went to New York last week and came back on wednesday anddd....SHE BOUGHT ME STUFFS. YAY!

Here are the pictures of the stuffs she bought for me. Just to make you jealous :D

Yay, toys!!!

New props for 7B videos! Stay tuned!

New York!

Now you see them,

Now you dont!

and....Zooey Deschanel and a Kitten!

Thats all folks!


Crane King Kong Stance!

27 Julai 2009

Mary Jane


People of 7B! I received a request from my good friend Fauzan that he wants us to help him make a video tribute to our good friend MJ!
I was like..

Adri: What?! *with high pitch sound* Are you kidding?

Fauzan: Yeah man! That would be great rite?

Adri: NO it isn't! You know MJ is still alive and well with Peter!!

Fauzan: Say whaaaaaaaat?

Adri: Wait, which MJ again?

Fauzan: The King of Pop man!!!

Adri: Oh rite! Never really like the other one. :)

Fauzan: So watchu say? We could make a dance/comedy/ romance video of some sort..

Then suddenly.. bursts of ideas came rushing into my head and the only one that caught my attention was a...


Fauzan: Really now?

Adri: Ya ya!! I could be like... the narrator or something and you can be like... the sidekick/guinea pig who does everything the narrator told him to..!..!

Fauzan: .....

Adri: .. or something!

Fauzan: Hahaha!! That's great! How does it start?

Adri: Well..err...hmm...erm...sorta.. here let me whisper..

Fauzan: But we're on msn....

Adri: Shuddap you!!

Fauzan: Oh ok....

Adri: *whisper*whisper*mutants*whisper*whisper*aliens*whisper*spider-man*whisper*moonwalk with two tables*whisper*

Fauzan: AWESOME!!! How does it end?

And that's when everything went blank and I found out it was just a dream...
Typical ending.
But yeah.
So our next project is a tribute video for MJ. Or something like that..
I am still drafting it out but it will finish soon..
I hope...

Curse SPM! :D

Random Pic of The Day:


19 Julai 2009



Here's our new video!!!

To be honest, its not our best music video.
But you can get a couple of laughs from it so, yeah...watch it!!!

btw, I watched Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince just now and it was awesome!!!
great character development and I (kinda) cried when dumbledore died...owh gosh, SPOILER!
lol, like nobody knew that...anyways, the movie contained good humour, nice visual effects, great romance....overall, it was WICKED!

its been a while but here comes THE...



16 Julai 2009

Duck duck goose


When I see the word duck, I am reminded of 4 things;

  1. Donald Duck
  2. Daisy Duck
  3. One of Allah's creations, the duck
  4. A duck ringtone that interrupts President Obama's speech
And thus leads you to this event of you watching this video.

Enjoy ;)
And good luck Amir in the transplant.

Random picture of the day:

Halo Halo


When I see the word halo, I am reminded of 3 things;

  1. The ring on top of angels
  2. The science fiction game 'Halo' released only for the Xbox
  3. The song 'Halo' by Beyonce
And thus, this event allows me to present this video.

Enjoy ;)
Oh and good luck Riyal in the competition.

Random pic of the day:

14 Julai 2009

beatbox malaysian style


heres my entry vid


finally i can sign in to the blog.for some reason i couldnt sign in.
so yeah here i am after a few months without blogging.

well well what can i talk about....i sent in my entry for the malaysian beatbox challenge.
this is the first malaysian beatbox competition in malaysia.so yeah going up agaisnt the likes of shawn lee shazet M3 MCRAVE(mak cik ravi).so yeah wish me luck.

oh and sports day this is was absolutely magnanimous.first of congrates to the blue house marchers for dominating the house marching event.and all the teasing by us the purple house folks...its just a bit of playful banner.a little sportsmenship teasing is all.

and id like to send my respects to joel soon.he is irrevocably the best marching conductor we have ever had.he is fun,light hearted,dedicated,respectful,nuturing and this made us all respect him and made us want to do our best.these people are the best leaders.and also id like to thanks kishore for the support he gave us.

speaking of kishore congrates to the kadet polises on winning their 3 victory in 4 years.

and i need some help downloading some songs for my power point presentation and i also need help on how to prepare a power point presentation.

more to come perhaps

11 Julai 2009

Bored Saviour..


Ola people! Things have been really bored lately so I'm gonna present you with two awesome random videos! Not from us btw.
Enjoy ;D

Ok make that 3 videos.
Gotta love Kamen Rider punching random guy.

5 Julai 2009

7B Blog Series Production presents: A Taekwando mishap..


Today's characters:

Left - Bob
Right - Kenny

One day...

Bob: Oh hey Kenny!

Kenny: Oh hai Bob.

Bob: Sorry that I'm late.

Kenny: It's cool. Ready for the game?

Bob: Oh yeah! Oh geez..

Kenny: What's wrong?

Bob: I left my wallet. I'll be right back.

Kenny: It's ok. I'll just stone here like I always do.


Bob: Oh look! A banana peel which I'm not gonna step on!

Kenny: !!

Bob: Oops..!!

Kenny: I should stop stoning now.

Bob: Whoaaa!!

Kenny: MY EYES!!! MY MUTHA******* EYES!!!

Bob: My bad..

So kids, today's lesson is..




oh and Karate rules! :D
That is all!!
Good day!!

Random pic of the day:

Muahahaha! :D

Today's 7B Blog Series is brought to you by a taekwando book you could find in your library.