31 Mei 2009



sorry ashikin about miss spelling ur name.its 'ashikin' not "asyikin"

not a thing is forgotten part 2


id just like to pay tribute to my mc partner.so thanks pratini for choosing her.she really held her own actually.creative and witty and confident.and just for information she is my replacement for the debate team.wonderful coincidence isnt it.so my hats goes off and comes back again to u asyikin aidura

not a thing is forgotten


hello....any more bachelors blogging?where is everyone?

anywho i have had an amazing weekend.ok we start of with friday.it was the best teachers day performance ever held in taman sea.and im not exaggerating.sorry to those who didnt come(and by that i mean attend school on that day)i was the mc along with the benevoulent asyikin(i think thats how u spell it).we had good chemistry and the teacher said we were very natural onstage.we now have a bond that we never had before.great isnt it.i do tend to get very sentimental.

my beatboxing performance was last but 2.the performance after us was a band and they needed time to set up so we were told to stall and we did(me and adri).we started of behind the curtains.adri was looking for me in ominous places.then when he found me i told him a war was going on.we did the sound effects.i was darth vader and all star wars related sounds and he was megatron with all transformer related sounds.the crowd burst into laughter when i said"megatron i am ur father".then adri's atomic bomb exploded.

after that i walked out with beatboxing kompangs.the crowd cheered for us.we did this whole segment where adri brought in a radio that had no power source so we had to beatbox again.we did freestyle,axel f,billie jean,where is the love,yankee doodle/barney theme song,and last but least numb encore.the crowd was really good.we used the witness stand from drama(sniff sniff).last year we used the umbrella from drama.

then my last performance was the twist which non of us were readyfor.after that all the teachers joined in for the dance.en zol went wild.he took of his tie and started dancing.after that me and asyeekin closed the day.i believe it was an amazing job we did.

all in all i had 4 wordrobe changes while asyeekin had 3.i lost my belt.i love that belt.its padini.black on one side and brown on the other.the head can twist so that u can change its colour.if anyone has it or has seen it please tell me so i can collect it.

27 Mei 2009

seeking for a soul


the shadow of the day constantly clouds me,
as my light in the sky desserts me,
thinking about the next dollar the next penny,
not ever thinking of who really matters to me,
the drip of my tears washes the blood away,
yet the pain wont go away it just stays,
imagine a night sky lacking stars and the moon,
judgement day will follow suit very soon,
path darken by these forgotten shadows,
street lamps fused out just brings us more woes,
licking our wounds that we get trying to survive,
but most people dont realise the we survive hardest with ourself,
the burden we put on ourselves are just to heavy to uphold,
hopefully we go down without our souls being sold,
gripping on the fragility of life by its neck,
when we are bliss we just figure what the heck,
is it really worth forgetting ones responsibilities,
just walking around with coffe in his hand feeling the breeze,
no it isnt but dont question me for thinking out loud,
cause if u ask me a lot of people dont know what to be proud of

25 Mei 2009

there and back again


so as we revive this blog from the dead with a conviniently place revival pill id just like to say i kinda miss this exam.of all the exams ive been through this was the most fun

now down to buisness.to all karate members that are erading this we are suppose to decorate the karate board.ive only manage to dismember it so right now its totally blank.any help would be very much apreciated.

now down to the other buisness i think i need the concent of the rest of the board that we should collect funds for our beloved karate club.nothin much really 5 bucks per head i was willing to charge.but that would add up to about 60 ringgit and we dont use all that.i reckon 3 ringgit per head should be sufficient for our administrative and opereational cost.if we need more funds i'll just ask renee to collect more funds.

now on the fun side,during me and chee chuans little escapade after training we have decided to have like a breakfast gathering after training.nothing much.more of like us in the masses going to kayu and just having fun.giving time for the club to bond.of course u pay for ur own food and what not but its all just a bit of fun.the has never really had this bonding tradition and i intend to start it.

so to all karate members who read this and i know there is a few please contemplate and u can always call me if u have questions

6 Mei 2009

The Chipster Superstar Contest


Hey y'all! It's exam month already we're studying like mad dogs chasing a cat.
Well some of us are. :D
Anyway that's not important.
What's important is that I've entered The Chipster Superstar Contest!!
Dunno what it is?


Anyway, the contest is that we have to make a video (which is pre-made) and just put our heads into the video.
Here's my AWESOME video!!

So yeah it's pretty much like that. :D
I made 2 of these so far.
Here's my other one..

Cool eh!?!
But I haven't submit this video for the contest yet.
Soon I will send all 5!!
Well that's it for now.
I gotta go study now..
Enjoy :D

2 Mei 2009

Another classic!


Guys guys guys!!
A new video has been uploaded!!
And it's another classic!!
This one is for real now!
We give you!!


Oh the memories!
Again, I win in this video..

Random pic of the day:


1 Mei 2009

im going at it the hard way


im looking for that sence of comfort in my mind,
hoping that i dont go across the line,
the pivital momment in my life it should be mine,
but trying to understand it makes me do a crime,
no where to turn looking left and right still no different,
going straight ahead just makes it worse,
a second before and a second after im gonna burst,
anarchy controls my next move and more,
i dont know why i need to continue i have nothing to prove,
to remind myself that im just a good person,
seems to hard to comprehend and thinking of it is just like a poison,
tales of a shrink might just ease the burden,
but still the plot is my hell and my heaven,
smilling tears stream down my face,
not so sure if anyone can read the gestures on my face,
guilt and care is what makes us all the better human being,
but even that may leave us hanging on a string,
my angel is still with me but with my demon stuck with me,
its just another political anarchy,
a tug of war between the 2,
screaming and shouting just like a horrendous symphony,
tell me what does it takes to have strength to withstand this,
im slipping of the ice into cold bliss,
and ice rock bearing down on me,
cold and fridged ice,
barely got enough strength to stay alive,
if there was ever a time to ask for gods help it would be now,
cause this is how the devil devours,
engulfed by this evil its just like a a germ in my cells,
dragging me back and calling me with its dinner bells,
words of a stranger mean so much,
words of a lover really touch,
words of a soliloquy sounding as foreign as dutch,
maybe i can just not feel so much,
but to not feel anything will be like an athelete with a crutch,
the joker way of thinking where the only sence is no sences,
it doesnt look so bad since it seems to keep my chances,
a little string of hope can still be seen,
happiness occured when the sign of care slipped back into me,
but still i felt more seperated then ive ever been,
so to those who read this im sorry if i dont come back,
just remember that life is just like having a hand of jacks

Take a Break grab a KitKat


We have been swarming videos like flu
even the director don't have a single clue
on what to do
with all the 7B crew!!

so we decided to take a break
from all this re-make
for the crew sake
it's up to them to leave or to take

After the rest
we will manifest
all our mistake and give you the best
good luck to all of you who's taking the test
and the 7B wish you all the best

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