28 Januari 2010



Oh what a day.
Everything was very tense today.
Finally had my first lesson at college!!
The lesson today was English.
It was so fun.
The lecturer, Mr.Joseph, is a good man.
Very interesting person I might add.
We learned new words during the lesson.
For example;


Which means pepper water in Tamil.

Yes you might be thinking,
That word does exist in the English dictionary.

Now another word that Mr.Jospeh thought the class is a very interesting word that he keeps telling us to remember and might have a connection in all of us.

That word is..


Goodwill and lighthearted rapport between or among friends; comradeship.
Comes from the French word, comrade.
Yes, I didn't know comrade was a French word.

Well enough of the English lessons.
Today I had two classes.
Both of them are English classes.
With the same lecturer.
Problem is, the gap between the 2 classes are too much.
No, I'm not talking bout kilometres or cm.
I'm talking bout seconds, minutes, HOURS!!
First class started at 10.45 - 12.15.
Ok cool.
But theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen~....
Next class is at 16.00-17.30
Me and my new pal, Zhong Yang were rotting around campus.
For 4 hours.
Just rotting around..
Rot, rot, rot..
Did I mention we rot for 4 hours?

All this happens after lunch that is.
Oh their cafetaria makes really good fried rice!
Not the one you find at school canteens but the ones you can find in restaurants!!
Can't wait to eat it again tomorrow!! xD

Also earlier today I had my undang test.
It was a very disappointing result.
41!! When the passing mark is 42!
ARGH!! Gotta pay RM30 just to take it again.
I had to not study!!
But I see this as an event that teach me to be prepared before the battle starts in the future.
Well, it's not that disappointing.

Now the following people might laugh at me after knowing I failed my undang test;

Hazim (Definitely)
Amir (75/25)
Hadi (In the inside. Maybe outside as well.)
Ashraf (Maybe. Probably in the inside)

Danial and Riyal and might have sympathy for me.
They are good people.

Wait, I might as well not put this undang part in this post!
Ok gotta delete it.
No, not the publish post button!!

23 Januari 2010

Death at The Funeral.


Hello my people.
Writing this post just to state my current situation.
I am at Johor.
Yes Johor.
Not attending the Sultan of Johor's funeral but my youngest brother, Aariz suddenly got his appendix removed.
I know.
It's strange for me too.
So I'm visiting the poor soul.
May Allah cure his body soon.
Right now, I am in my room.
Typing this.
With a wireless keyboard and mouse.
And a brand new pc here.
Also, my HD tv is my screen.
Evrything I type can be seen easily by many people.
Luckily, I'm alone here.

Well, that's all.
I was hoping to shoot a video tomorrow but I guess that's not gonna happen.
Sorry peeps.
Good bye.
Aiman is watching.

Where are we now?


its been alomost 2 months since we have finish school. and most of you are wondering what are the bachelors doing. So im here to enlighten you abit. :)
first we have our director, adri. he is currently studying at an awesome college (forgot the name, so lets just call it awesome) studying game development.
Next we have our riyal doing some applying to colleges and scholarships work. good luck with that man!
our third bachelor, danial is doing some soul searching and trying to find his inner self. oh and he has started college god knows where.
As for me, the fourth bachelor. im going to america to pursuit my golf career. and major in psychology.
then we have our hazim. who is doing some fulltime work at a universiti somewhere in malaysia. sry cant remember. So is amir. both of them are lab assistance to help find a cure for h1n1. LOL nah, they are just washing test tube and fishes.
As for our mysterious cameraman, he is doing something mysterious which i have no idea about. but i hope he is enjoying his time.

random pic of the day

19 Januari 2010

Requiem for a Dream


for all of the people who havent been pestering me to post on the blog,well here you go.

quite a bit has happened really.i watched my first whor...i mean horror movie in the cinemas with aunt rai rai.the movie is called PARANORMAL ACTIVITY!!!(que echo effect).i guess the most frightening thing about the movie was the realism.it was really acted out as a family hand held documentory.i slept in my moms room that night to make sure my mom would be ok.just in case.i got so scared watching the movie i hide behind raifana's shoulder.

anywho of to a new topic.ive been searching for a college to enrol myself in.i found comfort in KDU for mass comm PR(public relations).its looks good and if im a good boy and dont get spanked i might be headed of to murdoch uni in perth.so hani your not gonna get rid of me that easily.

other than that ive been quite busy.driving lessons have started.oh and i am now officially legal along with suet yi and ashraf.yeah man its time for me to do all the things i have already been doing for most of my life.like drinking(water) and driving(with a qualified driving instructor) and so forth.
im thinking of writting a song called "shes kinda everything"
its about this girl ive had a few dreams about.the thing is she is not real.ive never met or seen her before.

till next time kids.play safe

ps:where do these guys get all these random pics

18 Januari 2010

Kolej! College! Colegio! Kuliah! Kolledž! カレッジ!


Ah alas!
I, Adri Ahmad Bin Adlan, has step forth to the realm of the college life!
Well, our very own Bachelor #3, Ahmad Danial, first venture to that life but he didn't post anything!
So I claim first!! Muahahahahaha!! >:D

So there I was...
Getting ready for college.
My college had me wearing formal clothing.
Good thing my costumes were formal wear during my time in the drama team.
Memories were rushing to through my mind on how we have come this far.
But it came to me that college is just the beginning.
I wonder if anyone before us, for example our parents, think and feel the same way.
Separate from their friends, learning new things, adapt and breaking from the norm.
Aren't this ways of life?
Isn't this how it suppose to be?
Some questions can sometimes fill this life.

Got a little off-topic there.
Anyway, at college, it was only the first day.
They give rules and lectures and stuff.
You know, first day stuff.
I cannot judge the college yet.
But I feel the days to come are gonna be interesting ones. ;)

Today ends at 1300 whereas they clearly stated on the schedule that it was supposed to end at 1230! Aiyo!
Never mind that.
Right after I went home,eat, pray and stuff, my dad wants me to register to a driving school.
Oh yay!
More stuff to keep me occupy for life!!
But the class I'm taking is an interesting one!
I'm actually taking car license and motorcycle license at once!!
However it is just for 250cc bikes so don't expect to see me riding Kamen Rider bikes soon. xD

Well, that is all I will type for now.
To keep you entertain and to mock the stupidity of Kamen Rider (to some of you *hiss*), watch this.

Enjoy ;)

Picture of the day:

14 Januari 2010

Expenditure and Expand detour


Still waiting for jobs and still jobless,
while waiting for results I felt so hopeless,
anyway lets do some math to train our brain,
while Adri go to college using the public train,
8 ringgit a day go and back,
total up to 160 ringgit from Jan to Feb,
while Amir and Hazim working with chemicals,
they got pissed and start throwing chemicals to the rascals,
the rascals surprisingly was Zen Kit,
The manager was glad and give them a tip,
the other bachelors are currently MIA,
haven't heard a single news since they got 10A,
the breaking of 7B?
nah, we post videos individually like a busy bee,
and gain even more popularity than Aaron Lee,
Wait who the hell is that?!

WARNING! DO NOT FEED Adri if he comes to your room, especially CHOCOLATE

12 Januari 2010

Lahir melalui tidur. -_-


A year of change I must say.
I see some of us are getting jobs.
Started college already.
Or just waiting for college to start.
Others might be dozing off or stoning in their chair reading this blog.
But I would like to tell what I'm currently doing.

Knowing that my orientation day is next Monday and my college is in Bukit Jalil,
I tried going there by myself.
From the LRT station of Taman Paramount to Masjid Jamek,
From there switch to another LRT station which will lead me to Bukit Jalil
And there I will take the bus that will lead me to my college.
Sounds like a hassle rite?
Maybe a lil bit. ;)

Ok getting to Masjid Jamek from Taman Paramount was a bit hassle cause the LRT is already crowded!
Taman Paramount and it's already crownded! Aiyo!
No the worst is yet to come.
Slowly people from other stations come in and out and stuff.
But the worst of all was at KL Central.
I'll tell ya, waves of people came in and attack!
Ok maybe not attack.
Then it was Crowdvilles all the way man.
Some guy was breathing near my arm! (I was holding the holder thing)
Manage to reach Masjid Jamek to smell the fresh air!
Then I would take another train from the nearby station and go to Bukit Jalil.
Surprisingly, it was not crowded at all!
In fact, it was like sitting in an empty train.
Arrived at BJ (haha) at 8.52.
I can get the 9.00 bus and the 9.15 bus if I am a bit late.

All in all, the trip took me 52 minutes to reach and cost me RM8 to go there and from there.
That's cool I guess.
More reason to get more money from my grandmama!
Am I really gonna take more money from a hapless old lady?
YES I WOULD! hahaha
Ok that's all!

Final note: To anyone who has not yet applied to any colleges, apply now at UCTI-APIIT!!
Please I beg of you!!!

Random picture of the day:

College you say? Hmm..

7 Januari 2010



Just to be clear, the fruit, "melon" is spelled with 1 "l". While "mellon", with 2 "l"s means an American financier and public official who served as U.S. secretary of the treasury (1921-1932) and endowed the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.

Anyways, I picked this conversation up from facebook.

Idzenda Illilyn :
i personally think that guys gets excited easily compared to girls =)

Amirudeen Akhyar Bin Haziman :
only Adri.

Idzenda Illilyn :
adri want some mellons? =D

Adri Ahmad :

Idzenda Illilyn :
melllllllooonnnssssssssssss..hahaha..yep..its true..adri gets excited fast :p

Amirudeen Akhyar Bin Haziman :
told ya. :D

Adri Ahmad :
This proves nothing! When can I get those melons? :D


6 Januari 2010

Word of the Day


Today's word of the day is...
It means Loser / Poyo / Lame... I think..
Example sentence
Hey you Blackbloob!!
Blackbloob lah you ni!!

Random picture of the day
Ellis before he sign up in L4D2... I donno he was in 7B....

2 Januari 2010



Oh boy! 2010! What a wonderful year! Wait, that is still too early to say it.
Anyway, its seems I'm suppose to put a new year message but that's done.
Hazim posted!! Twice!!
2010 IS gonna be a wonderful year!!
I'm currently stuck here in Johor we nothing but food, water, oxygen and my PS3.
Did I mention my PS3?
except playing the PS3 of course BUT THAT'S ALL!!
Could have shot a video or two!
Speaking of videos, I like our new video.
Memories of 2009.
The editor did a number on the video.
Could have been longer.
My fave part was when scenes of our past videos were shown simultaneously!
That part reminded me of all the fun we had together.
But we are still gonna have some fun!
Rite guys?!!

Guys: RITE!!

You guys are idiots rite?

Guys: RITE!!

Something rite out of G-Force.
Anyway, That's all for now.
I will post some more if I'm not hooked playing the PS3.
Well, goodbye!
Oh and..


Random pic of the day:

The Breaking Bonds?!!


No new Videos?
No new post?
No words from our director...
yes... our director have been busy in Johor playing PS3.. so sad isn't it...
not even a new year message from him.. i wonder if he is still alive??
Anyways the 7B has been working on about that problem and interviewed a lot of people that can replace our missing director

With my face, hair and chicken I can become better than the EX-Director

I'm too good for this
No time.. need to find toilet

What's 7B?

......... no one can replace our member.... i guess...

1 Januari 2010

Happy New Year !


Sigh, now now since no1 is going to post on new year 2010, then I guess I have no choice.. right ?
T~T Ok now as you all know 2010 is finally here =D
And of course much much more things are gonna unveil for this coming days and years !

New friends~
New experiences~
New places~
Same old farewell ?? @.@

Yeah sure 2009 ended and on to 2010..
But it's not the end, it'll just be another beginning
A beginning for a whole new chapter in our life =)

And so here I wish a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010 to all of you =D
Enjoy the pics below =P