24 Mac 2011

Hand movements.


Do you know what gets me through almost everyday of my life?

Doing henshin poses.






They don't say henshin in this series.



Double Henshin!


Better than drugs.

21 Mac 2011



 Soldier #1: MEDIC! Is anyone here with medical skills?!

Soldier #3: I do! I have experience! I played Trauma Center. Now, I'm gonna need a laser and Wii Mote.

- Sanity Not Included (S1 EP6)

Yes, I know the title is misspelled but who cares? People make mistakes sometimes. On purpose occasionally.

Anyway, 3 months has passed since my college shenanigans and tomorrow (22/3/11) will mark the day that it begins once more! Can't say I enjoyed my 3 months break. Maybe during January I was doing fine because I occupied myself with my PS3 and Kamen Rider Kuuga and Kamen Rider Agito. Yeah I finished both KR seasons in a month. Can you believe that?


Of course you can. But during February I got bored and early March I got really bored then the next thing you know, tomorrow is orientation. Time flies when you're really bored! Happens to people sometimes I guess.

Tomorrow will be my orientation which is one step closer to becoming a *takes a very deep breath* VIDEO GAME DEVELOPER! Yeah man! I must work hard from now on to make Fawwaz: The Iban Warrior a reality! I'm sure some of you who are reading this want that as well. Except for Fawwaz that is. Hahaha! Now I shall leave you with this awesome video of people turning into..err.. not people.

Random pic of the day:

Will be exploited into a game.

10 Mac 2011



Ok it's 12.40 a.m. over here. And by here I mean my house. Not in some other country. I'm just gonna put a 'music video' that might potentially be (word of the day is 'potentially' here) our very first! song that we are gonna cover in a video thingy. I'll leave it riiiiiiiiight here for your amusement.

So huh? What do you think? I think we bachelors can pull this song off! Just let me know.
You can download the song here!

 Related pic of the day:

Definitely a stove.

8 Mac 2011

Crack Up!


Guy 1: Hey didja hear they made a sequel to Crackdown?

Guy 2: Oh really?

Guy 1: Yeah it's called Crack Up. It's a very funny game.

Guy 2: .....

Guy 1: Y-you get it?

Ah Sanity Not Included. One of the best scenes from the Season 1 Finale. I thank Hadi for introducing this series to all of us. Without it, we'll be...err... living our lives normally? Ah screw it. Here's the video for your enjoyment.

Random picture of the day:

Crackdown wasn't funny enough apparently.

7 Mac 2011

When you can't run no more.... for now.


Hi y'all! It has been so long since I last post anything. More than a year I think. I don't feel like posting anything y'know. Just like how the other bachelors feel like. Except for Riyal. He is awesome. Keeping the blog alive. Thanks man for filling this blog with your rhymes and poetry. I hope they inspire some people to do something I guess.

For the current news, I sprain my right ankle during basketball. Yay. I don't know how it happened. Probably a misstep. Meh. It happened so fast. It felt like my right foot went 90 degrees on me. Yesterday evening it was swelling so bad, I thought I need surgery. I was thinking of writing a 'will' like Amir did in Facebook. Me and my over-dramatic imagination. Now I can't play basketball for 6 weeks even when the ankle is healed. Gonna miss putting balls into hoops. :(

Well that's it for now. All I can do is sit down at the house and play the PS3. Which is not a bad thing entirely. My bro bought Bulletstorm which is a pretty awesome game. Here's the demo vid.

Random pic of the day:

We miss you Random pic of the Day!!!

1 Mac 2011

being a man


it starts now the begin of an end
i wonder how till all my energy is spent
crawling through a dark place
devils in your face
but you cant erase the facts that turn you from grace
whats your picture of a man?
go ahead try and imagine him
tall and thin or does he have a fat chin
would it matter if his sperm cant swim
whether or not he is smart or dim
a real life expert or just a real life Sim
does he tell the truth or the lies you wanna hear
couch potato with mug of beer
or someone you cant count on
a sayang a lover or a dear
the answer is like a door with all the keys
all on the floor you are burried in you knees
each turn of a key just another failed symphony
so i ask then what about me
how tall am i supposed to be
well maybe im just never tall enough to reach