13 April 2011

my new post

hi guys riyal here. i havent been updating much but here i go. its been a little busy for me. been pretty active in sukdu(student union of kdu) . it been fun because i get to be more involved with my college life. so yeah since then ive made a few new changes including being the leader of 2 new clubs. beatbox club under performing arts club and the new laser tag club. im glad to see that ppl are interested and have joined these clubs. well with more events comes more post.

now ive been listening to mixtapes lately. you know what that means. more lyrics yaaaaaaaayyyy!

now its my turn to begin and end my friend
a fiend left behind my reality bends by chance
giving up the past fast because its fragile like glass
throw away the facade please no more lies and masks
the future is chased while our seconds erased
like a mixtape raped my another DJ's grace
no religion or race determines the shape of my face
as i embrace a life outside of my personal cave
free to decide who stands by my side
a devil or angel its my choice to ally
either cunning or sly
thats my choice till i die

Ahmad Riyal
April 2011

3 April 2011



Timothy: ARE WE ROBBING A F****NG BANK?!!?

Captain: We're 'adventuring' a bank, Timothy. Keep up.

- Sanity Not Included (S2 EP3)

Salutations everyone. Adri here with the latest news. It seems that I'm the only guy updating this blog. Again. Yay.

On a side note, I am now officially a *takes very deep breath* GAMES DEVELOPMENT STUDENT! Yeah! And one of my assignments is to design levels for a certain game that I want to create. *cough*Fawwaz:TheIbanWarrior*cough*. So more of that in the coming future.

As for our videos news, I just finished editing our latest video. Starring my 6-year-old bro and my 8-year-old sis. They wanted a video of them in 7B so I just think of a story on the spot and shot the video right there. I am so awesome. So please wait for the release soon! :D

Well that's all I have to type. I'll see you when I see you. Peace!

Random pic of the day:

Nom nom nom..