31 Mac 2010

The life of Hazim...


Ah it's been a while since I was here.
The last post I did was about us getting money.
Here's an update.
I've been busy with college (ass)ignments lately, I have no time to do the script.
The ideas are all stuck in my head.
Our dateline is either in late April or early May so we are still good.
I have finish most of the assignments so it will be over soon.
Be patience.
Did you know I'll be shooting a video for my English drama project!?
So expect our first video with foreigners in them. I bet Amir will like this. :D

Now on with the title!
Our very own Hazim had just enter UNITEN last sunday and he is very happy there!!
See for yourself!!

Note: The following are REAL sms conversations so they will be emoticons. Don't expect Hazim saying DX (DeeEx) in real life. Thank you.

Day 1:

Hazim: College DX

Adri: Yay!

Hazim: Gosh...It feels weird. As expected, I don't get along with people.

Adri: I see. Good luck with that. :)

(In real life)

Hazim: Ef you Adri! *shows pinky*

Day 2:

Hazim: Ada someone saya punya type kat sini!! Haha! Less than 3!!

Adri: Lol! Go for it! Your class?

Hazim: Kasakura or something. (Whoa Hazim got the name! haha)

Adri: Japanese? Awesome!!

Hazim: Ok la tapi nak catch up with the students ganas!!

Adri: Ok good luck with that. :D

(In real life)

Adri: Hazim is growing up *sniff*

Day 3:

Hazim: OMG If I failed this test, I have to retake on the weekends! Clash of the titans!! Noooooooooo!!

Adri: Already have tests? Good luck buddy!

(Few hours later)

Hazim: OMG saya fail practice test! Miserably!!!

So I guess Hazim won't be joining us for Clash of the Hasif Titans.
I have altered and shorten the conversation so that it won't be too bland if you know what I mean. ;)
Well anyway,that's all about Hazim.
Hope we get to do videos again like we used to.
Oh and Riyal has a girlfriend. again.


Random pic of the day:

Kamen Rido! Obama!!

23 Mac 2010

here again


hey ya'll.its riyal again.thanks for tuning to all the 7b faithfuls as we have not been really up to date with the blog.

first off congrates to danial and hazim for being straight.and for all the other bachelors congrates to you to.we might not be straight but were still cool.

now of to a moer serious matter i have just started college.today was the second day of my 5 day orientation.cool huh.

and in addition all the events are organised by students and more exceptionally mass comm students,which i will soon be a part of.highlights to far meeting new people.spontaneous beatboxing on stage with a mic and having people come up to me to ask about beatboxing.so yeah ive so far established myself into the student body.oh and i will be joining thursday nights again soon.

a question to ponder:will it be 6b + 1 again soon??

10 Mac 2010



Hey y'all!
I am here to bring great news to The 7 Bachelors!
A few days ago, my aunt offer us an offer to make 'educational videos' for PETRONAS' primary schools and they will show the videos to the students!
And we will get paid! YAY~!!
So here's the deal,
We have to make 3 videos about 3 inventions.
1 video, 1 invention.
So the inventions that we are going to talk about are;
1) The phone!

 2) The light bulb! (Suggested by Amir)

3) The x-ray!! (Suggested by my aunt)

So yeah.
We are doing these invention.
My aunt and her friend will assist in creating props!
Yes we are going to have official props!!
They also need someone to create the props.
I have decided Riyal to help them since I know he has experience.
Rite Riyal?
But if you (as in Hadi, Hazim, Amir, Danial and Ashraf. Ok maybe strangers as well) wanna help out, just call me and I will tell my aunt.

Now for payment.
Our payment is RM250 per video.
Yes, PER video.
If we do really well, as in REALLY well, we will get RM300 per video.
Again, PER video. xD
So if all of us are doing the video it will be 900/7 equals to..
You do the maths.

This is so phenomenal!
If we play our cards right, we might be included in PETRONAS' commercials especially the holiday commercials!
We will be famous I tell ya!
Ok that is all.
If you guys want to comment, please comment at the fan page.
Thank you.

1 Mac 2010

Boom-boom into my heart.


Salutations people!!
Alas, a new video is out!
And its the first video we shot in a shopping mall!
During Chinese New Year!
So there was practically no one there.
But who cares!?
We took an opportunity and we grasped it!
And the product is this video!


Note: This is not a rip-off of Collegehumor's Jake and Amir. Ok maybe it is. :D
Ok enjoy ;D

Random pic of the day:

Hasif's scene was based upon this guy. :D