18 Februari 2010

Anyone want one?! HUH!!?!?!


Hey people.
I know I haven't post anything for quite a while (same goes for Amir, Hazim, Ashraf AND Danial) I played a lot of games like BioShock 2 and I absolutely forgot about the blog!!
While I'm making up for it by posting this post.
If you have a facebook account and happen to be our fan at our Fan Page,
then you might know that we are planning on making new shirts!

Since we have a new logo and all, We have decided to make new ones!!
This time it will be much cheaper than our old shirt which was RM40 each! (DAMN!!)
So instead of collared shirts, it will be just a T-Shirt.
For everyone to wear.
Wear for outings.
Wear for partying.
Heck, wear for dating if you like!
Your date will be very impress (and more attracted) towards you.
Oh darn, I'm advertising already!
Must wait for the video.

Here's my plan,
We make like 70 shirts,
10 for each of us,
then in that 10 we will have 1 size for 2 pairs of shirts. (XS,S,M,L,XL)
Meaning we will have 2 XS's, 2 S's (haha asses), 2 M's, 2 L's and 2 XL's.
That will make up 10!
I'm not sure these are the sizes we want to make so I want to discuss with the bachelors on this.

We will take 1 shirt and that will make us sell 9 shirts instead!
Now for price and color, I think you guys need to go to this website and see for yourself.
I haven't decided whether to make it print or embroid like our last shirts but I'm thinking of going for printing this time just to cut cost.

Well thats my plan for our new shirts.
If you have any ideas on our new shirts, please consult me at Facebook.
I will be there 24/7. (Not literally)

Random pic of the day:

the rest of our life is too precious


its been awhile since ive been in the scene
all this time away and i dont now what it means,
just travelling along a path all neat and clean,
one thing is for sure i wish i had some company,
just to hold my hand and tell me ,how its gonna be ok,
but im gonna push on through
not knowing when the next stop will be,
like a leaf in following where the wind blew,
its not really worth it to worry my life away,
as i realise it stops us all from as gay,
stick your cigarettes in an ashtray,
go out with your kids and play,
while the sun still shines on this sunny winter day,
well what do you say to taking chances,
dont you care if people throw glances,
cause their jeloausy only shows their insecure arrogance,
so stick your hand into the sky,
and live your brighter days untill you die

16 Februari 2010

Happy Chinese New Year


The busy new year!! everyone is so busy they can't even post anything...
Even I'm very bus---------... *time out...