30 November 2008

You will follow us~..

Hey guys! Adri here! Just want to tell you ppl that if you want to have up-to-date info on 7B, jadilah pengikut kami!
To become one just click 'ikuti blog ini'
It's above the poll.
Just bare with the BM words.
I want this blog to be unik!
Lol ;)

Yup! This will enable you guys to receive latest info of this blog and 7B!
Isn't that awesome!!?


Ok! Bring in the random pic of the day!!
There's always peng!!

ding dong bell!!!(the devil/riyal/arabian currency)

good evening ladies and gentlemen.i am this tonight entertainment.u see i havent been on any vids the7b vids but i have done a cameo before dispite me being the el vice presdante.so yeah im kinda still hoping i get in one of these infamous vids.i do have my own utube profile.check out will3turner.so yeah heres my first post.there should be more to come

Getting used to..

OK! Adri here! I think I got this blog thing down!
Soon this blog will be filled with stuff of epic proportion!!
Remember that, fellow members of 7B!
You can type anything here!!
Let me try putting one of our vids.

Ah our 1st vid...
Actually it's the 2nd vid but the logo thing doesn't count.
If only we can get people to read this blog...

Random pic of the day:
Fly! Kamen Rider IXA! FLY!

29 November 2008


Ok. Adri here.. I'm just testing this damned thing on how it works... hmm..
Let's see...
  • Hey I can put dots!
  • This is so cool!
  • Look i'm a dot!!
  1. And numbers!!!
  2. Amazing!!
  3. I'm numba 3! Fear me!
I can put links!!

I can even put quotes!
"I don't read scripts. Scripts read me."
- Robert Downey Jr as that aussie dude who plays a black dude. Lol ;)

I can color my text!
I'm red!
I'm blue!
I'm green!
I'm that color!

Oooo! Different fonts!

Georgia! Oh Georgia!
I would like my meal to be GRANDE!!

Oh yeah! Different size!
and i am little sister.. *spare me* T_T
(A little joke from bioshock ;p)

ooooo! Differrent style!
Hello I'm an Italian!
Yo! Imma bust your @$
Ola! Imma an Italian that's gona bust your @$$!
lol ;)


I present to you!! The 7 bachelors!
Well 3 of them...

OK! so far so good!

Alignment I can handle
Videos I will add later..

Ok for one final thing before I go..

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy frog. I mean dog!

Pic courtesy of google

Alright! Everything looks great! Expect more posts from us in the future!!