25 September 2009

The Annoying Chicken


Introducing, THE NEWEST 7B VIDEO!!!

Starring the usual members and a special guest star, Chong Er Whey!

(Click here to view the vid and comment/rate)

Er Whey, has been a good friend of Amir for an astounding 7 years! Yes, you read it right, 7 years! Thats like 7/17 of Amir's whole entire lifetime!
He is also well known by other 7B members for he is a swell dude. For being around 5feet 11inches, he is so far the tallest person to appear in a 7B video. Now that, is worthy of being in The 7B Hall of Fame!
Bear in mind people, he is a bachelor too!
So ladies, what are you waiting for? Call 016-Chong-Er-Whey NOW!

Umm...I'm talking crap again...


Now that, is CHEAP!

21 September 2009

Safe Raya Day!!


Should have posted this yesterday but here it goes..


To ALL of our friends of ALL religion, culture and race!
We share the same country, might as well share the same celebration!!

Random pic of the day:

16 September 2009

Facebook fan page!


Oh children of the world!!
I bring good news!!
The facebook fan page is up and ready!!
We now have 75 fans and counting!
Kinda low if you ask me but sedikit-sedikit, lama-lama jadi bukit!


for the ultimate facebook fan page eva!!!

So what are you waiting for!!!?
Be a fan!!

Random pic of the day:

click it for a closer look! ;)

14 September 2009



And thank you, Ashraf for inviting us 6 bachelors to your house for the doa selamat.
I'm sure we will all be safe during the exam.
Oh and the nasi goreng was marvellous!!
Call me if you are going to use that caterer again!

And also,
thanks to the other bachelors for keeping this blog alive!
Give yourself a clap!
Now if only Hazim just post something then this blog would be complete.

Now i shall leave you all with a quote!!
"There is no greater wealth than friendship, let’s make it our treasure."
-Jiiya the butler from Kamen Rider Kabuto

That is all!!

13 September 2009

A success!

Thank you to the 6 bachelors who came to my very first doa selamat at my hse.
Also to the rest like aiman, hasif, asyraff and fawwaz aka iban.
i hope you enjoyed the makan. the nasi goreng was good i hope. adri i need ur feedback!
And also to thank you for not thrashing my room too much. i still managed to sleep that night without any unwanted stuff on my bed sheets.
erm.. and TO RIYAL.
PLEASE POST THE PICTURED ON FACEBOOK. and the videos on youtube if u want.
thats all thx!


12 September 2009

The Drifting Concious


The night was peaceful and quiet
I felt like taking my sleep even further like an endless poet..
Soaked myself into the darkness of never ending dream
Gather my strength to say farewell to everyone in the life's stream
Waiting and waiting for my love one to arrive
But as soon as my hope goes up to its hive

it was 5 o'clock in the morning
So I get up from my bed and started filling
After I filled up my empty desire
I went back to my holy empire
Continue on my dream to escape from the world's pain
.. and it was still 5 o'clock in the morning... what a pain...

Random Pic of the day

8 September 2009

yet another one.i think im loosing my touch


another breathe and i want redemtion,
but whats holding me back is my own emotions,
every effort is just an excuse to relax,
without even trying at all i just procrastinate to the max,
the hours tick away but im nowhere near then when i strayed,
no longer trying to fit everything in,
just trying to get get out of this position again,
time is said to be like gold not dirt,
but i treat it like it has no such worth,
a few more minutes past by,
i cant explain why i still dont try,
sometimes its exhausting when your lifes to dry,
im fighting back the tears when i curl and cry,
to be honest i wonder what it would be like to die,
not having to wonder how my life will get by,
im not suicidal i just wanna get that straight,
im not saying i dont wanna see heavens gate,
im writting this down on my imaginary pen,
my mind just empty my thought all dried and drained,
it used to be so simple to just keep expressing myself,
i still believe it is good for my health,
but i cant deny what i cant ignore,
my foresight that i had is not as rich as before,
im searching through my mind for the words that i found,
but all i see is a black lack where my thoughts all drowned,
the crowded emptiness feels so sound,
the sounds of my echoes vibrate me all around,
i need a good kick to start me going,
to get me rolling is just part of the story,
the next is to see if i end up being happy.

1 September 2009

something from the present


who are we to think were on the top,
one minute pleasure the next minute pain and then it all stops,
the right hook never seen coming,
the whole in the ground that i just slipped in,
but i stick with my believe that with torture comes relief,
god doesnt give us what we want but what we need,
still if only u didnt tell me on that bench seat,
my ears could not believe what ur mouth speaked,
i stoned for an hour and hurt for a week,
but through my pain i found a little strength,
a little faith,
all i had to do was plaster my wound and crawl away,
the funny thing is if u ask my friends thats not what theyd say,
so this where i am right now with all my tears wiped away,
but theres just one question i have to say
and that is" will i be okay?"

something from the past


twist n turns of a life circuit
were just driving around untill were found
hear a whisper in the wind
hoping that its a kin
one look and we get dissapointed
the image is a mirror old and dilapidated
we continue racing till the flag comes out
enjines to loud we cant think out loud
feathering the throttle trying to get the balance
really in the end does it all make sence
the brakes dont work
the steering even worse
we loose control over our own path
if u dont get it just do the math