26 April 2009

My B-day Pics!


Peeps!! Pics from my 17th B-day Dinner Bash has been uploaded on Facebook!!
For those of you who cares, check it out!!

here are the links!

Part 2!

For some previews, check out my cousin Asyraff's blog post which is this one!
So yeah!
Since I'm 17 now, the things on My Wishlist (if 17 year olds can still have a wishlist) are;

Oh yeeaaaaaaaaahh!
One more thing before I go..
Bad rhyming Hadi..


Random pic of the day:




Hey Everybody!
7B gives you Drama 5D,
More over it's in HD,
Aren't you proud to be one of 7B buddy?

Another Video comes with it
so you better not forget it
load quickly and watch it
And tell the director "THATS IT"

Ready and GO!
Watch some Video
Enjoy 7B video
While i watch yugiou

Random Pic of the day
The Origin of Ping Pong

22 April 2009

7B Classics - Paper Airplanes..


It has been released on YouTube for days now but I forgot to post about it! Our latest video.. a classic.. PAPER AIRPLANES!!
Now the reason it is a classic is because it was shot a long time ago..well not really.
We used our history teacher's camera phone and the quality was so bad that people these days can considered it as the black and white of today!
Ironic huh?
So Amir and I decided to put the the word classic in the title!
Clever eh?
Wel anywway, here it is!


Best non-special effect video we ever produced!

Random pic of the day:

Random.. :D

19 April 2009

weekend fun


hey millie and you all and of course my beloved bachelors.

so heres my report
friday night was extravagant.adri's dad sponsored a birthday dinner for adri and we were all invited.it was extremely intriguing with all the selection of foods.me n asyraff were dumbfounded by what we witnessed.there was an ice kacang machine.and a good assortment of cheese.but for you to get the full story we are gonna have to wait for asyraf to publish the pictures to the members of the bachelors.

on sat was also quite an exciting day for more reasons then one.we had karate grading in the morning.adri was going up for his first dan on the day of his birth.i didnt manage to give him the snap kick i promised him.i bruised the leg of one of te juniors from a different school.he was fine in the end.i tried to break something but it just didnt happen.wood is definately stronger than tiles.after i played thumbwresting with nicol.TJ dubbed me peedophyle.dont worry millie shes just my pupil.your my gf.

wow i really hope my parents or any close relatives dont visit this blog.

then at afternoon i got the chance to see millie.we talked and stuff.

sunday was very moderate.i spray painted the fridge.took of the training wheels of my bros bike that it.

anywho the main reason i am doing this post is too wish our head bachelor
the macho macho man,head hancho,our boss and director

adri ahamad bin adlan a happy birthday.may you dept be paid in a much later time in life.danial would understand what i mean.now i would do the posting of multiple vids but he has a lot of vids.so i leave it here.

good luck gentlemen.



Now the 7B got 2 new HD videos on screen!!
and the question is.... how do you like our video to be? in HD ? HQ? or Normal?
i'll will now let the new poll be post by our boss Adri since i'm far too busy to do so...
btw enjoy our new videos

18 April 2009



Dun be sad Adri, I'm here to post ! :D
soo...yeah...Happy Birthday.



anyways, I tried the 7B Personality Quiz and guess who I got?

LOL!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!

umm... sorry...adrenalin rush...
soo...Happy 17th Birthday Adri!!!

btw, here are some pics of Adri!

That is all folks...until next time!

Which 'The 7 Bachelors' member are you?


Hey people! Just recently I've created a quiz with the title *points above*. :D
Took a lot of thinking and researching to make this quiz a success!
So for those of you who have facebook, go do the quiz!!
I tried to make it a bit funny for the common man!
So without further ado,
I present to you,

"Which 'The 7 Bachelors' member are you?" Facebook quiz!



Guess who I got for the quiz thing?
That is all for today.
Oh yeah, one more thing.
Today happens to be my b-day and I'm surprise no one did a blog post about it.
Talking about being caring and thoughtful for others.
I would love to make one but than people might think I'm too full of myself.
But oh well..
I expected this anyway..
Good day!

16 April 2009

beatbox battle wild card


good evening millie and all others who read this blog.so any who there are certain things i dont feel like blogging.from drama to the appauling response of malaysian towards earth day.

anywho im gonna stick to a much gayer tone.ive just sent a vid infact 2 vids for my application for the world beatbox championship in germany.the reason for 2 is because in the first one i didnt ad some vital stuff sso i had to correct it.i hope they dont mind.

and on a much smaller note.im really sorry i cant make it on sat.i'd love to be with you but i have unforseen circumstances.if i had a bit more freedom id love to go and even serenade you but alast.

so anywho thats it from now.trust me theres more to come

heres my vid entry/entries

12 April 2009

Hey kids, excell maths with...Dr.Tan!


Hey guys, Amir in da house!!! LOL!!
anyways, I know its been a while since I last posted something...I didnt have enough material...WELL, NOW I DO!

anyways, this one will get you on your knees...literally!

Well, here it is!

Pass Add.Maths, Fail English...

9 April 2009

Fall down into Nothingness

HR: What else can u do other than playing children's card game...?
Some Random guy: Playing with Children...
HR: That would only be fun for one person which is you, Jackson!!
M.Jackson: How do u noe its me...
HR: Well isn't it obvious just how many ch..
M.Jackson: Aha.. Gotcha... it is actually ME!!! HAZIM!!
HR: Well who would have guest... u go all the way to Lembah Subang just to see children playing Children's ball game... which extremely wrong
Amir: Hey guys watcha doin can I join?
Hazim: .....
HR: and now he goes back to silent mode..

So kids, this story tells you a great advice to all of the kids in Malaysia..

BEWARE of Adri because his baldness could blind you..
3 Days Left until Adri lost his shiny Head Power

Random Pic of the day:

5 April 2009

F1 F1 F1 F1 F1 F1 1F!!!


Hiya y'all! Just yesterday my family went to Sepang to witness the most expanding sports of all time! Yes you got that right! IT'S FORMULA 1!


Thanks to my dad's company, the whole family was able to enter the V.I.P. section! It is called the Perdana Suite and it is a good place to watch F1 with someone. ;D
They even have buffet!!
With fried rice!!!
With giant prawns!
I know I'm not a fan of F1 but those food were delicious!!
The crème brûlée!
The pudding in a tube!
The paddock!
Oh did I mention we had access to the paddocks!
Here are some pics to satisfy your F1 needs!

hehe ;)

Aiman and I were able to advertise 7B there.. (i think)

Oh and for those bachelors out there..here are some pics of F1 women!! With umbrellas! Woohoo! :D

Yeah I know.. Nice umbrellas right? hahaha!

Well that's it for today..
As I was informed, our very own Ashraf went for today's race.
Hope he has a better story than I do.
And better pics too.
Til then my friends!
Stay tune!!
Oh and I change the cbox colour for those of you with poor eyes.
Sheesh! =_="

Random pic of the day:

Heh heh.. >:)

4 April 2009

check yes juliet


ello poppets.
so today i had to misss karate.but not regretably.we went to celebrate the birth of an amazing man.Nabi Muhammad(jangan lupa jawab).the uztaz looked boring but he was actually quite entertaining.intelligently funny and made sence too.the food was nice too.but i think the main message was sent i'll leave those who attended to make their own interpretation.

so anywho theres quite a major beatboxing comp on the 26 of april.id love to go but i might have baracadges in the way.

on thursday i got to see millie even though it was just for a minute.i was regretfully really busy that day.seeing made my day but having to leave her ruined it.anywho i just keep hoping we'll see each other again

so yeah thats it for now.

and if kedric is reading this.sorry man no hard feelings.i love you man