30 Mac 2009

We forgot SOMEONE!!


Does anyone knows that 30/3 is one of our very own 7B members Birthday....
Let's see what is his name again...
oh yeah Danial or AKA Deny-al
Let's reminesence all his hard work he has done to the 7B


EROR 404
File not found
wha... there's none....

attn idiots!

to all ppl hu saw adri's post abt his earth hour experience
dont go and stone in front of your comp waiting for the picture to load...when is already there.
dont be an idiot like me... wasted half an hour of my time waiting...

29 Mac 2009

and then there was 6.

congrats riyal. hope you and ur new love will be together for a long time.
till then im looking for a replacement for riyal.
if u think u can be like him . or if you are him.
pls contact me asap.


Earth Hour


Hey y'all! As you all know that 28/3/09 at 8.30 til 9.30 was Earth Hour and we had to turn our lights off for a freaking 1 hour.
It was such an experience to be sitting in the dark..
With no one around..
And the computer is on..
Yeah I know what you're thinking..
Watching Masked Rider Decade in the dark is a blast rite!?
I know.. ;)
Anyway, I was able to take some photos during Earth Hour!
Take a look!

Adri's Earth Hour pics lor..

Ok, this is me taking a photo of my family..

And this is a photo of my cousin playing the PlayStation..

OH! This one is funny! This is a photo of my cousin with his pants down! While playing the PlayStation! Hahaha! Good times!

And this is a photo of the Terminator entering our house..

And THIS is a photo of me blowing up the Terminator into pieces! Or was it the Terminator blowing me up in pieces.. wait that didn't come out rite..
Surprisingly no explosions.. I wonder why..

After the lights came on.. we found out that the Terminator was none other than...!!


I thought I blew her up! ;D

Well, that's all of my experience during Earth Hour.
Hope you guys had a better one!
Well, not really..
I mean, who gets to blow up the Terminator during Earth Hour huh?
Again, it didn't come out right the 2nd time..
Hahaha! Good day!

P.S. If anyone wants to see more photos of my umrah trip, check this lovely girl's (who-I-thought-was-studying-during-the-trip-but-actually-FELL-asleep-studying) blog post. Click here!

P.S.S. Please vote in our new polls which are "Which motto is suitable to be The 7 Bachelors' motto?" and "Is Riyal ever coming back?" Thank you!

Random pic of the day:
Now this is a picture of me trying to beat Riyal up for getting a girlfriend..
Hahaha! I kid! ;D

28 Mac 2009

Thanks A Bunch, Millie! (Sarcasm applied)


I would like to express my sarcasm by thanking Millie Ong of S.M.K. Sri Aman for making us THE 6 BACHELORS AND ONE GUY WHO IS TAKEN!

Thanks a lot, Millie!

I could sue you for this but not today considering Riyal is so happy to have you by his side..
We're gonna miss him..*sniff*
I mean.. we only have 2 videos of him!
I know!
What if you broke up with him for a while.
Let's call it a "Break" if you will..
Then after a lot of videos of him has been produced,
You can be together with him again!
How about that huh? huh? No?
Ok scratch that!
Just go make mistakes with him already will ya?
Sheesh.. ;D

Well, Riyal..
It's been great.
Congrats on entering bfhood.
Saya doakan hubungan awak dengan dia akan kekal dengan lama..
Savour this moment with that thing I dare not type here.. ;D
Ok then..
Have a nice day everyone!

Oh and the answer to your equation is meters rite?! No?

27 Mac 2009

check yes juliet


hey you all.i not even sure if im allowed to blog here anymore cause as of now i am not a bachelor anymore.yes i have a girlfriend and a lovely girl she is too.

if you wanna know who she is just solve this equation.



just take out the common multiple and compare with the equation above it.
L=name of girlfriend

tell me when you guys get the answer.im gonna continue loving her now

24 Mac 2009

I'm back!! (How many times must I say that?)


Hello my peeps!! I am back from the holy cities that are Madinah Al-Munawwarah and Mecca!!
Both beutiful cities..
I'll show you why..


Madinah Al-Munawwarah (Masjid Nabawi)

Makkah (Kaa'bah)

I couldn't take a lot of photos of Kaa'bah coz of it's restrictions..
Ini semua gambar ambil senyap-senyap tau!
Klau tak kena rampas..

Ok for those of you who wants to see me bald then here it is!!



Tak puas?
This is when I shaved with my mask on!
Next time la I'll show the real thing!

I will post more photos and ceritakan my experience when I have the time!
Now I must do insignificant things like homework and sleep..
Ok bye!

Random pic of the day:

Give me light!!

21 Mac 2009



Youtube has been a pain in the buttocks lately....
upload error due to unknown reason..
this video audio has been removed due to.....
and many more...
so from now on our production will stop using american's songs.. yes, especially american's song with lyrics and famous....

anyways, back to topic... i'm bored and blur~~~~~~~~

Haddys : hey guys, lets go watch Dragon Ball Evolution and spoiled it all to Adri once he get back Amir : What's so fun about watching Dragon's Ball.... Btw I got Tuition
Hazim : ........
Haddys : Screw Tuition I have Life
Amir : You do?
Hazim : ......
We all end up watching Dragon Ball
Ring... Ring....
Amir : Oh crap it's my tuition teacher!!! What should I do...
Haddys : Tell him you're busy
Amir : You tell him Hazim
Tuition Teacher : Hello Hazim!
Hazim: .....
Tuition Teacher : Hello HAZIM!!! I know its you... speak up!!
Hazim : ......
Amir : Yes, Teacher? Hazim said he farted... Sorry teacher I don't think so I can make it to tuition due to unexpected event....
Tuition Teacher : I understand, I don't think so I could make it to class because I have meeting right now I thought of canceling the class
Amir : WOOOOHOOO no Tuition!!
Hazim : ......
Later in the Cinema (Watching Dragon Ball Evolution)
Amir : HEY! who took my pop corn!!
Tuition Teacher : AMIR!!!
Amir : Teacher!!
Hazim : ......
Awkward Silence...

Random pic of the day:


16 Mac 2009

MASKED FREEK episode 6!!!

-Tempo Adri-

Well it's here!! the one that you all have been waiting for!! Masked Freek episode 6, too bad adri is not here...


14 Mac 2009

At Changi Airport...


Hey people. Posting this post at Changi Airport in public.
Anyone could be reading this by now so I better make this short.
I'll be going to Mecca for the WHOLE holiday so I expect my fellow bachelors making some videos without me.
I'll be back next next wednesday which is a school day so yeah~!
Til then my friends..
Now i gotta get rid all of these people who are reading this over my shoulder..

8 Mac 2009

WORK WORK and........ .... WORK


What comes after a long and tiring work?
we the 7B has been too busy too make videos..
recently we have been helping the Lembah Subang SPBT arranging and counting their books..
...we found out that they're our very own 7B fan!! so they're taking this chance to meet us in person ^^
nah it's just that we're the best
but we did a great Job clean up the SPBT room to make it a better place...



.................................Random pic of the day

The Unidentified FLYING BOOKS (U.F.B) REVEALED!!!!

7 Mac 2009

Saturday wasted!


Today was a wasteful day for me..
What started out as fine turned out to be wasteful..
The question "why?" might be swirling in your head...or not ;)
I shall start the story from the beginning.
Started the day with good ol' karate training at good ol' school.
We finished it off with some horse-stance sparring.
Chee Chyuan HAD to punch me at the chest with his knuckles pointing out!
And he said it was 20% of his power only.
Now I have this constant pain in my chest and every time I sneeze pain flows..
Then after training, I took a nap at around 11 and woke up at 2!
I was THAT tired huh?
Good thing tuition got canceled today..
That afternoon, I invited Fawwaz to come over coz I know he wants to watch Masked Rider Decade 5 & 6.
So we watched 2 episodes back-to-back!
Back-to-back as in his back was against mine.
After that, he wanted to see my Fallout 3 progress..
That's where the wasting starts..
I thought I was going to play the game for a while but I ended up playing it for 6 HOURS STARIGHT!!
From 3 to 9!!
All life's essentials I ignored til I stop playing..
Luckily, Alhamdulilah, I remembered to pray in between.
6 hours man!
And i'm still wasting while typing this post!
I hope this post will remind me not to waste more time in the future..
Well I think that's all for my wasteful day.
Here's some moments I took while playing Fallout 3.
Tata and enjoy ;)

Adri's Fallout 3 Moments!

This is me hunting some mole rats for food..

..and this is me hunting some centaurs for some REAL food..

..and this is me rider punching a guy for stealing MY food..

This is me getting out my minigun. It's ironic why they call it minigun when it is stupidly obvious that it is NOT mini.

And lastly, this is me hitting Fawwaz in the head. haha!

Good day ;D

3 Mac 2009



How March arrived so fast!
I can still remember when 7B Hyper Battle 2009 first came out..
Can't believe that video is 3 months old already!
In no time, SPM will come in a flash and soon it will be all over..

Separation will occur..
Tears will be shed..
Jumps will be joyed..
Smiles will be produced..

But that can happen by the end of this year..

Ok enough poetry or whatever crap. Here's some news on 7B.
Recently, we just shot a new video.
Last Sunday it was.
And that video was none other than..
He's back babeh!!
Man, glad to reprise Masked Freek again.
We even put some new characters so keep an eye out for them.

Now for Ep.7.
I need these people to appear in the video.
They are;

Amir as Minion #1
Hazim as Minion #2
Ashraf as Winnie the Boss
Riyal as ???
Danial as Father
Afrina as ???
Aiman as Masked Freek 2

Now you might notice that Riyal and Afrina have '???' beside them.
You will know Afrina's role in Ep.6 but for Riyal..
All I can say his character is very spiritual. ;D

Ok for props..
I have all except for a Winnie the Pooh mask!!
I am in need of a Winnie the Pooh mask!!
Like this one!

Alamak.. terlalu ganas nanti.. I mean this one!

YES! More like it!
Ok my fellow Bachelors! If you guys ever see this mask, quickly buy it!!
You guys know what it is use for!
And to the people that we know and care!
Please buy for us this mask and we'll pay you back as soon as possible!
We may put you in one of our videos!
That's all for our 1st March post for today.
Stay tuned for more!

Random pic of the day:

Two videos with the same views side-by-side memang best la!

2 Mac 2009

welcome welcome one and all


welcome welcome one and all.first of id like give a notice to the innitiative of a certain frm 2 nicole who one of my many highly regarded juniors.as of so far she is the only one who is active enough to attend sundays training as well.good on her.

now i know that some of us have scheduelling problems and what not and i can understand that but to those who dont "WHAT HAVE YOU GO TO SAY?"

any who i just realise how tough weapons training is when you dont practice it.my arm is really sore as my muscles try to coup with the extremities of the physical exhertions of utilising a weapon in combat.

so this will be the end of my post.keep it up guys