30 Disember 2009

Rawr !?


Ok, and finally I'm gonna post something to quite down Adri who has been nagging me to post
something for quite some time now and I'm gonna make this short..

And so I was surfing the net looking for random things and i came across a poem and decided to
post it here..and so enjoy =P

I see a silver circle
A star of hope
A light in the darkness

When you look at the sea what do you see?
I see and endless blue canvas
A place of freedom
A dark paradise

When you look at a forest what do you see?
I see a beautiful secret just for me
A place where tree spirits roam
A place that feels like home

When you look at the blue sky what do you see?
I see and endless amount of dreams
A place to fly
A place to cry

When I look at these places
I am at peace
When I look at these places
I cry myself dry
When I look at these places
I can finally be myself
after pretending for so long
When I look at these places
I am free

Ok that's all bye~
Oh wait, b4 I forgot, any1 up for paintball ?? =D
It has been really boring this past few days..

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29 Disember 2009

there and back again


wow what a tumultuous year but we will leave that for the new years eve post.

right now i would like to wish happy birthday to 2 of our bachelors. Hazim on 23rd December and Amirudeen on 29th December.may you both celebrate new years gayfully

16 Disember 2009



If you know me well, you should know that unwanted events follows me. You might say just its just plain bad luck, but I say its not. The Universe is going against me.

But thats another story. Now, I'm talking about accidents.


I knew how to ride a bike since I was 7. But because I did not ride it often, it got rusty and when I was 10 and sat on it, lalalala, it broke.
Then, when I was 14, I got a new bike. Ever since then, I had at least 10 "accidents" and changed bikes twice.
Now, I'm about to tell YOU the ones I remember.

1. I was using my sister's bike. She said I could ride it for only 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, I continued to ride it anyway. My sister did not really mind, but my maid, who heard her telling me that I could only ride for 5 minutes, took it seriously.
She(my maid) started scolding me and shouting at me telling me to get off the bike. I ignored her and continued my biking. Suddenly, she stood in front of me with her arms spreaded like an eagle's wings.
I could not stop my bike so I turned left and fell into a drain.

2. I was cycling down a very very steep hill and the road ended. I banged into a inanimate van. BANG!. Felt a little bit dizzy but I got up and cycled away.

3. My bike had a basket. So I conviniently threw everything in there. Including my handphone. One fine day, after a game of basketball, my phone rang.
because it was in my basket, I had to lean forwards to grab it. PHEEEEEEEEWWWW!. Fell into a large drain....luckily, my phone is unharmed. Soon, some guys came to help.
They pulled me and my bike up. I thanked them and waved goodbye before cycling towards home.

4. I was cycling fast, I was late for something(I dont remember). I entered a grassy area and HOHOHOHO!. I fell on soft grass. However, my shin bled. Er Whey and Andy was there, so they helped me up and sent me home.
That wound resulted in 5 painful stitches.

5. Andy and Er Whey crossed the huge road. As usual, I am left behind because I suck. I waited, and waited. Er Whey and Andy was getting further. Thus, I impatiently cycled across.
PUP!. I got banged by a motorcycle that was going around 60km/h. I literally flew. Perhaps, if I had a cup of coffee, I could finish it before landing. Bleeding, I got up and dragged my bike out of the way of passing cars.
Er Whey and Andy came to help. They said they just heard a loud bang and saw my bike and whatever that was in my basket flying. I left my bike there cause It was totally crushed and they helped me get back home.
When I came back 30 minutes after, my crushed bike was gone.

6. So, my dad bought me a cool, expensive new bike. Foolishly, I cycled downhill fast one fine day. There was a speed bump ahead. I did not care and ran into the speed bumb and thus, it acted as a ramp and I flew.
I landed safely. Owh how lucky I was. You really think so? A car was reversing up ahead. So, I braked. That made my back tire to be lifted up because of the sudden stop and I flew.
My bike gracefully did a 270degree frontflip and I landed on my face. Then, I got on my bike, and cycled away.

7. This is totally unrelated to accidents, but my aunt got me a new bike. Why? Because my cool, expensive new bike was stolen. I suspect that my maid who had ran away with my only ORIGINAL XboX game, "Kung Fu Panda" and a sponge cake did the crime.
That maid walked past my house 6 months later, holding a baby in her hand. I was like "WTH! She ran away from my house 6 months ago, why got baby wan."
You get the picture.

8. This morning, I got hit by a motorcycle...again! But this time it was cooler. I did not really remember the details of my crash, but when it was over, I got up and stood on my feet, posing as though I had just survived a zombie apocalypse or something.
The motorcyclist stopped at the roadside looking seriously injured. I dragged my bike off the road and went to check on him. First, he was quiet. But after apologising to him for a few minutes, he started cursing and stuff. Gosh, was I scared.
Apparantly, his leg hurt. After apologising for what seemed like an hour, he let me go. He was quite kind. He did not punch me in the face or sue me. So, I continued on my journey, on my bike.

9. Er Whey's bike got pawned. This afternoon, he parked his bike at the side of 7-Eleven innocently. Then, a car came and banged his bike before dashing away. sad.

1. As far as I remembered, two girls "accidently" smacked my ass....both on different times, different girls. Both of them, after smacking my ass, perhaps even groping around a little, acted as if nothing had happened.

2. My friend whom I dare not tell his name, once "accidently" smacked a woman teacher's ass soo hard, she did not realise that her ass had just got smacked. He told me it was an "accident". Yeah right.


1. For reasons I could not remember, a girl I did not know once kicked me in the crotch. Owch.

2. I used to be active in Taekwondo. When I was small, the teacher used to ask me to spar with girls for reasons I can not state. Also, for reasons I dare not tell, I often got hit in the crotch while sparring with the girls.
Accident or not, it was excruciating.
*No.1 was not during sparring*


Everytime there is a party, things will happen to me. Bad things.
The ones I remember,

1. It was Riyal's birthday party. Well, it was not really a party, we just went out. Anyway, me, Hazim, Adri and Riyal went to eat in the food court.
I bought a cup of iced lemon tea and a plate of chicken rice. We found a good seat and sat down while eating quite happily. Suddenly, with great wisdom, I spilled my drink all over my chicken rice.
I ate it anyway. Tasted quite nice.

2. Hadi's party. Spilled syrup all over my 7B Shirt. Indeed it is waterproof :D

3. "Accidently" got too close to Fawwaz's neice. Got pawned by her. I have witnesses!!!!!

Actually, there are many more accidents in my life. Perhaps if my life were made into a movie, I would win a Grammy. :D

14 Disember 2009

final call


is this how were all supposed to feel
alone in our own zone body shiverring from the chill
i wonder how isolation will effect me
whether the dead silence will burn away my sanity
tracking through day to day life seems so lifeless
cause all we end up doing is something pointless
the bricks of a building will eventually crack
then we're forced to support the weight on our backs
we werent designed for all these misgivings
but fate has a plans for us we cant refuse
its imposed on us and we cant even choose
a third party will look at it being amused
but they will soon realise that they have been misued
we're all sometimes just making plans without any clues
we merely assume a facade
a mere veneer of truth ,destiny and fate
then we will be greeted by a heavenly gate
thats where we will find our perfect soul mate
where we can finally conjugate
a place without any hate,irate or discriminate
its a fools wishes it is but a fool is honest
he doesnt see what causes ppl to be dishonest
back to the topic of the day i can finally say
ive been planning this our since early may
yes my words are astray and my sanity hasnt gone away
its just i feel like i wanna stay
and wish i didnt have to feel like there was something i missed

ahmad riyal,15 december 2009

9 Disember 2009



Alas! Freedom has arrived to our doorstep!
With this gift given to us by time, we shall use it wisely!
To shoot videos!!
Play video games!
And stuff that bachelors would do!!
Oh the anticipation!!

However, it is also a sign of separation.
Physically we will be separated but our bonds will grew longer as we move further.
New things to adapt.
New topics to learn.
New skills to master.
THAT, my friend, is what I call life..
The future awaits..

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Shine like Freedom

4 Disember 2009



(The following dialogs may contain inaccuracies.)

Amir: Does this ever happen to you that when you fart with an absolutely horrendous smell suddenly you feel like yawning and you suck in all the smelly, putrid, disgusting air particles into your throat and you can FEEL that exact same fart in your throat until your hair withers away, your eyeballs burst, your head split into two and your brain being eaten by A WILD BRAIN-EATING BABOON!!!

Adri: Umm..no..

Amir: Yeah me too.... Wanna play basketball?

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