26 Februari 2009

a special thanks


hello all.first off id like to wish a certain wang wen jun a special thanks for returning my belt to me.so thanks man i owe you a lot.hopefully i'll make it up next training.

and now for my muslim friends.check out a muslim rap group called Native Deen.they're good.and they only use percussive instruments.thats right no wind or string instruments and to be honest it sounds really nice.

anywho hope i can make it for the next filming session

22 Februari 2009

Wonderful Saturday!


Oh yesterday was the best day of 2009 so far. Everything was great. Well almost..
To start off the day, I went to my usual Karate training at Taman S.E.A.
Oh what a training it was.
Thanks to Garry-sensei from LAProd, he made the training very educational and entertaining as usual.
He made all of us do the horse stance and each of us had to count til 20.
There were 16 of us so you know la... hehe..
Wen Jun and I were the last two so we counted really slow.. As in REALLY slow..
Now I know how it feels like to bully juniors! MENTALLY! Muahahaha!
After training, Garry did an after-training session where Riyal, Wen Jun and I had to do aerials and butterfly kicks in the middle of the field where the scouts and the PBSMs and the driving princesses are! Oh yeah!
You dunno how many heads were turn when we try doing them.
Actually, I also dunno.. haha.
Ok for those of you who does not know what an aerial is, it is more of a cartwheel but with no hands. Riyal kept trying doing that while Wen Jun and I tried doing the butterfly kick.
Ok for those of you who doesn't what a butterfly kick is..


Haha.. I like typing that.
Anyway, I almost got the butterfly kick worked out only I have to curve my body more and straightening my legs when a flick them up.
More practice!!!
Moving on, I was suppose to have tuition at 2 o'clock but then my tuition teacher sms me saying he can't make it!!
OH YEAH!! Free for the whole day! So my dad brought us to lunch at Giant KJ there.
My bro wanted Burger King, I wanted sushi...
However, everyone was with him so I eat sushi alone.
You dunno how depressing it is to eat sushi alone while you see others around you eating with someone else...
Moving on!
That evening, I tried to play Rihanna's Umbrella on my recorder.
With the power of the internet and YouTube, I was able to find a video that helped me!
I was able to pull it off in the end! Well, most of the parts. When I went to Sunway Pyramid, I practice at this clothing shop where my father stop to look. The salespeople were astounded by my playing! Lol.
Well, I think they were..
Oh well..
Speaking of sunway.. I bought something cool there as well!!


TheBee Zecter! As worn by this guy..

Only shorter and smaller looking.. *sigh*

Now I can transform from an ordinary 17 year-old male..

to this!!

WHAT THE?!! I mean to this!!

Oops.. still wrong! Into this!!!

Aaah much better!

Well that's all for Saturday.
About today, hmm..
We were planning on shooting Masked Freek Ep.6 at Fawwaz's house but due to dumb behavior and stupidity, it was cancel.. ;(
All I can say bout the cancellation is that someone should have THINK 1st before he SPEAKS!
That is all!
Good day!
Random pic of the day:

Roundhouse kick!

20 Februari 2009

Bunga Popi


Bunga Popi diluar pagar,
Bunga Popi didalam pagar,
Bunga Popi diatas pagar,
Tedang pagar,
Jatuhlah Bunga Popi.

Dengan ini,
Kita patut jauhi,
Dadah yang mencemari,
Iman kita kena kuat,
Supaya kita tidak buat.

Dadah itu menghina,
Dadah itu menderita,
Dadah sering membunuh,
Dadah ialah pemusnah,
Dadah pemusnah generasi dunia.


A fanboy's dream


It's been a while now since we posted anything. I dunno why everything just stopped. Hmm..
Anyway, I just notice that The 7 Bachelors can be the riders in "Masked Rider Kabuto"!
Amazing, no?
For those of you who don't know what Kabuto is or even Masked Rider for that matter,



Anyway, this is what I meant..

Masked Rider Kabuto (7B Version)

Adri as Masked Rider Kabuto

Riyal as Masked Rider Gatack

Danial as Masked Rider Drake

as Masked Rider TheBee

Hadi as Masked Rider Sasword

And Hazim and Amir can be Masked Rider Punch Hopper and Kick Hopper respectively

Now some of you might be wondering, what happen to the rest?!
Well wonder no more!!
Movie riders included!

Fawwaz as Masked Rider Dark Kabuto

Li Ren as Masked Rider Ketaros

David as Masked Rider Hercus

And last but not least...

as Masked Rider Caucacus

Dunno why my 5-year-old cousin is there..
Well, that's all for my fanboy-ism..
More REAL post coming soon!!

Random pic of the day:

To victory!

15 Februari 2009

My date for Valentine's..


I am ashamed to announce that I am no longer a bachelor..
For I have found my love..
And that love is...


Not really love per se..
Ok, maybe I am still a bachelor..
But it is a new hobby for me!
Look at the photos I've taken!!

Adri's Photos of LOVE!!

Well that's some of them.
I will not post all cause there are like 50+ of them.
I think..
Plus, the image uploader is kinda slow when uploading the pics.
Oh well!
See more photos at my facebook if you want.
Good day!

Random pic of the day:

Chromastone!! Rawr!

14 Februari 2009

happy aphoredity day

hello one and all and welsome to the 7bachelors blog valentines edition.as you all you the title might say we are bachelors but ...alright were still bachelors but its not too late to pop the question if you know what i mean.

any who id like to wish all who visit a happy aphoredity day!!!

for a certain someone



Usually we have young people or old people but now we have new people!!
Actually we only need the tenth guy the others are just extras ^^]
now we have more than 7 People, is that something to proud of?

..............................................Randome Pictore

.......................THIS IS WHAT U THINK IF U DONT THINK!!

10 Februari 2009

The 7B Wanna Be Season 3!


Ladies and gents! It is finally here!! 7B WANNA BE SEASON 3!!

More nonsense!

More drama!

More drama and nonsense!!

Man, we had a lot of fun shooting and editing this video!! Hope it turns out well to the others!!
Special thanks to our guest stars Li Ren, David, Jonathan, Donald Trump, Tom Cruise and Zac Efron!!
Enjoy ;)

EDIT: Here are some pics to know what's in the video! haha!

Well there you go! NOW WATCH THE DAMNED VIDEO AND SUBSCRIBE! thank you.. ;D

Random pic of the day:

We're fat people and we like it!!