28 Ogos 2010


Kufufufu... you guys are idiots... well we lost another bachelor... hey guess what.. 
I'm actually married and have 2 wives... So long the other 4 bachelors....
well here's the real message.. connected episode 3: you gus are all idiots

27 Ogos 2010

then there were 5


im taking a break from bachelorhood.

see yah suckers!


In the ending(rap remix)


yo imma just let myself rhyme

yo this is one thing,
i wonder how you look at me now,
with my input so divine,
like the goodness of scotch and wine,
my thoughts echoing out of my mind,
from behind, another front line,
letting it loose is not a crime,
just a simple rhyme,
oh look at the time,
it passes so sublime,
before we know it its the end of time,
we try to repair our crimes,
before our death certs are signed,
waiting for judgement in a line,
scurrying in our frame of mind,
were falling out of our frame,
as we wait for this ending game

27 august 2010

22 Ogos 2010



this is it,
another rendition
are u ready?

here we go one at a time,
my absence is seen as a crime,
split into 2 running away just wont do-anymore,
I live in a time where honour is a wh*re,
paid to the person to give us pleasure while they do the chore,
no meaning to it just an exmaple of an exciting bore,
our disgust hidden in our pleasure,
no need for protection its already a safe measure,
different in the views of an innocent begger,
who lives among the vagabonds his life couldnt be better,
an honest living is the world he's in,
no back stabbing or silent sin within,
his thin body his sunburnt skin,
a testament to the innocence of him and his kin,
so this is a lesson for all of you,
listen to the begger at the end of the avenue,
he may know more than you,
when it comes to living his life true.

22nd august 2010

what aboot what about me


what about me what about me
what about all the possiblities
what about me what about me
maybe im not tall enough to reach.

this song is called 'what about me' by ryan knorr on youtube. Its quite a nice song. Check it out you have time. Eminem's recent song not afraid has rekindled my interest in song with meaningful lyrics. Recently you have songs that are wonderful to listen to but the lyrics leaves little for the soul to attach itself too. Tik tok is good example. It a song I love but theres is no jist to the lyrics.

In the song 'not afraid' by Eminem there are a few memorable lines. For example theres this line "imma treat this roof like my daughters and raise it" and "im reaching for the moon but im too busy gazing at the stars". Brilliance personified withing melodic verbal exuberance. It brings me back to the day when I used to endlessly listen to the rythm and rhymes of Mike Shinoda in Fort minor. His lyrics made sence. It wasnt a feeble attempt to enter into a club's music shortlist.

5 Ogos 2010


when people ask you what subject did you take, you answer them "test subject"

oh and here's our video for the da... last week...

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