31 Disember 2008

New Year Resolution of The 7 Bachelors for 2009!!

Hey my friends. At 12 a.m. of 31st December, a new year will arrive. I know some of you have heard this but I'm going to say it anyway.

How time flies..

I can still remember how this year started and the moments how each of us shared together.
I can still remember how we matured or improved ourselves better from our past selves.
I can still remember how I started form 1! So fast..
I can still remember how we, The 7 Bachelors, were formed.
Did you know we used to call ourselves The 6 Bachelors?
That will be another story for another time.

Ok, since 2009 is coming today/tomorrow/tonight/soon.. I might as well make a new year resolution for The 7 Bachelors.

  1. Make more videos.
  2. Make better videos.
  3. Have a proper planning in making better videos.
  4. Get own website (if possible).
  5. Get more people to subscribe to us.
  6. Make official 7B shirts.
  7. Sell official 7B shirts.
  8. Get new equipment for videos (if possible).
  9. Find new location(s) for shooting videos instead of my house.
  10. Fart all day and all night
  11. to finish my homework a majority of the time
  12. to have taman sea win nationals again for drama
  13. to be a better muslim
  14. to make myself proud
  15. to cherish every momment
    16. Get good results for SPM!!!!
    17. Fart all night and day! XD
    18. Get 1000 subscribers!!!

Ok, that last one was random. Something Amir or Hazim would say.. ;D
Now this resolution is editable. Meaning if any of the 7 bachelors wants to put a resolution or something, they can just edit it! Just put your name at the beginning of the blog when you're done and put your name and resolutions as the same color. Thanks! ;D Oh one more thing..



Random pic of the day:
Umm.. Happy new year?

30 Disember 2008

its me just tell the truth and shame the devil


hello you all.now as some of you know it was amirs bday yesterday.

and being the youngest of us bachelors it was a momentous occasion.oddly enough it was sharons bday on the same date.hm... sadly she is not a bachelorette if you know what i mean.

although im really sorry i couldnt make it.my dads friend had a barbeque and the whole fam invited.so yeah icouldnt make it.

SORRY SAYANG!!!!im sure you all had fun.

oh and i have a question.how do you post vids on this thinger magiger?

oh well till next time
selamat awal muharram merry christmas happy new year happy new years eve happy boxing day happy day after new years happy first day of school happy hunakkah and condolences for my swimming instructor

a tribute to amir

Happy B-day Amir!!


Holla from Johor! As some of you know, yesterday was one of our favorite bachelors, Amir, day of birth!!


He just turned 16 and he can ride a bike!! Motorbike I mean.. (Put that in your cons Amir!!)
And to celebrate his day of birth, I decided to post all our videos that has him in it!
From his 1st appearance to his latest!
Even the accidental ones. ;D

The 7 Bachelors presents:

Amir Video Appearance Collection!

So yeah!! That's all of his video appearances! May you survive for another 16 years!! Happy b-day Amir!!

Random pic of the day:

Adri: Happy Birthday, taik hidung masin!

Amir: Oof!


29 Disember 2008

hey, It's my BIRTHDAY!


wheeeee I'm 16 now... T_T
I'm old and wrinkly....and hairy...lol!!

In some countries, when you reach 16, you're labeled as an Adult!
also, usually in animes, the main character is 16 years old! lol!
anyways, here is the pros and cons of being 16 ;

Pros :
1. you'll be more matured...(not sure how this is a good thing but owh well, chicks dig maturity XD)
2.in some countries, you can have *** when you're 16! XD (I think it applies in Malaysia too)
3.you'll be able to drive soon(2 more years @_@)
4.not sure whats so sweet about being 16 but people usually say sweet 16 or something like that...
5.birthday presents! :D
6.more birthday presents! :D
7.you can have 16 candles on your birthday cake! XD

Cons :
1.you'll get more wrinkly and saggy (dont know which part of my body will sag and I dont wanna know.)
2.hair starts to grow in places that were bare! (picked from smosh's video; "Sex Ed")
3.being older means more responsibility!
4.cant run around naked anymore! :(
5.people will call you "OLD"!

I guess thats it...I ran out of ideas... :D

26 Disember 2008

Hey I'm back! Plus new video announcement!


At last people!! I'm back from my exile from blogging!! I see the other bachelors did well with the posting. It's not up to the expectation but can be improved. :D

Ok there's lot to catch up on the news like Hazim's b-day party, a new 7B blog series about Fawwaz's pop tart journey (Oh and the loss of his blog. hehe), the Masked Freek imitation vid received honours (#56 in Hong Kong and #75 in Japan. Serious! But they're gone now.. T_T) and The 7B Fantasy video in a Spanish forum. Yup, you read it right.. FORUM!! Not just any forum but a SPANISH FORUM!! Here's the link! It's at the bottom of the page.

Here's a rough translation of what that person who posted our video says,
"this is much too lame, is not so good effects, noted the kids know to move very well and also make notes of humor ;)"
Ok maybe not the nicest comment but hey!
So yeah that's bout it.

The announcement! Almost forgot!
We finally finished shooting a new vid.
It's untitled for now and it stars me and.... drum roll please...

(Drums rolling..)



This will be Riyal's 2nd appearance in our videos (eventhough he's our el vice presidente. Figures). We counted his 1st appearance in this video as well.
The shooting was awesome.
We did a lot of rolling, punching, blocking, shaking, and stuff like that!!


That didn't come out right..

So yeah.. Expect the video sometime this weekend or next Monday (which is fellow bachelor, Amir's b-day! Happy b-day man!). Oh and today's my parents' anniversary dinner! Not like you care or anything...

Spongebob: I care, Barnicle Man!

Barnacle Boy/Man: It's Barnacle Boy! I mean Man!!

Gotta love that scene from Spongebob..

Random pic of the day
Hehe ;)

25 Disember 2008

Merry Christmas to the person reading this!


I'm in a Christmas mood now so I'm gonna post some great Christmas songs :D

The last one's a tough one...I really dont know if the singer is a dude or a dudette...lol.

22 Disember 2008

Social Link


Socializing with the 7B members

first of:
The Clown : Adri
This dude its the easiest to make friends with no requirement or anything i guess his desperate

The Hermit : Hazim
A thing about hermit is to have the same hobby or style and the rest will go on smoothly

The Brain : Danial
This guy is tough you need a very high knowledge especially english in order to socialize with him.... if not you not you wouldn't understand a single word he says

The Eyebrow : Riyal
As long as you have high knowledge of anything that has to do with sex it will go on smoothly, but if you're a girl need not to worry.... i guess...

The Big Dude : Acap
I dun no him that much but i noe his personality doesn't fit his appearance so pls little kids don't be afraid.. he's a gud and funny guy

The Emo : Amir
This guy is hard even i can barely socialize with him (that's probally because of my anti-social-ness) but once you go out to CC with him about 2 to 3 times he's cool.. but for the girls i'll say good luck for that.....

The Muscle man : Faiz

Easy just be friendly

The Happy one : Fawwaz
Here's a tip just act gay

The Mystery one : Me?
I'm an anti-social just like you... does that make any sense?

im just bored
too much persona....



ok since adri has to go of to his beloved ps3,he put me incharge since well i am the el vice presidante.ok here we go the blog is starting to slow down.as we know there us 7 of us but only 4 of us post stuff.i'd love the other bachelors to post some material.it could be about anything ,a cat,ur cats hairball,ur cats hairy ball,seriously anything about the life of our bachelors.so keep em coming if you know what i mean

beatbox gathering.more than just a gathering


alright you all.ive recently attended the beatbox gathering last saturday and it was a success.i met a lot of high class beatboxers.among them abeatc,mc rave(i call him mak cik ravi),m3,m4,kim,shawn lee and kitman.most of them have male genitalia but 2 of them are female.kim who is an amazing beatboxer and also m4(mazzie) aka my prodigee.m4 can do a technique a cant yet achieve,the crab scratch.

we all met at burger king chatted got accuanted.then we went out and did some freestyling.then some of us went home and i got to meet m4's mom who is a nice lady.after which the remaining of us went to kfc then walked around

later that same day the supposed gathering became a showcase.you see there was this stage prepared for a disney princess showcase.we reached there before the showcase started but the stage was ready and looked so lonely.so our 'manager' megat went up to the dj and asked for the mic.after some hesitation he gave us the mic and we did out stuff.we brought in a crowd and the manager of the event didnt mind at all infact he told us to keep going.then we left and an hour later we came back.the manager and other people were supportive and urged us on.i was finally satisfied with my performance.those other beatboxers were amazing i still have a long way to go.

21 Disember 2008


1. You accidentally enter your password on the microwave.

2. You haven't played solitaire with real cards in years.

3. You have a list of 15 phone numbers to reach your family of 3.

4. You e-mail the person who works at the desk next to you.

5. Your reason for not staying in touch with friends and family is that

they don't have e-mail addresses.

6. You pull up in your own driveway and use your mobile phone to see if

anyone is home to help you carry in the groceries.

7. Every commercial on television has a web site at the bottom of the


8. Leaving the house without your mobile phone, which you didn't have

The first 20 or 30 (or 60) years of your life, is now a cause for panic and

you turn around to go and get it.

10. You get up in the morning and go on line before getting your


11. You start tilting your head sideways to smile.

: )

12. You're reading this and nodding and laughing.

13. Even worse, you know exactly to whom you are going to forward this


14. You are too busy to notice there was no #9 on this list.

15. You actually scrolled back up to check that there wasn't a #9 on this list


17 Disember 2008

well well look what the cat posted in


alright now to satisfy adri(if u know what i mean)i shall put up a long awaited post.first of all i see that low angle production has been added to our list.see low angle production is a group of karate practioner from kenpo seibukan who make vids.normally action/comedy/romance vids.something like 7b but with better special effects(no offence hadi).u can check them out in youtube.just type kenpo seibukan on the search box and just keep linking up.well well it seems im dooing advertising now.

ok now down to business a week ago we all went to adri's house to produce a new vid.but as usual we all slacked of and played digimon rumble arena.hadi's abusive nature and cat loving lethalness cause fatalities on his enemies.personally i think he should not be banned.im starting a petition to not banned hadi from using black wagreymon.all incomply say "yay verily"

7B Special Announcement: Encouraging the other bachelors to post..


Note: If one bachelor reads this, please pass on to the other bachelors. Thanks.

Hey peeps. After a few story telling and a lawsuit, I decided to go back to normal posting for now.
Now I have noticed that I am the only one doing the posting in this blog. I mean, sure Amir, Hadi and Riyal post some but what about the others plus I don't see them frequently hanging out here. Except for Amir..

We are The 7 Bachelors and there's suppose to be 7 posts a day!! 7 POSTS DARN IT!! At most..
Listen, my fellow bachelors, if you guys even bother to read this or even coming to this blog here, as leader of this group I want you guys to post anything your heart desires!!

Whether it'll be a movie review,
an upcoming video project,
a good idea for a video,
your love for your Xbox 360/PS3,
an announcement for a get together or meeting,
your mom's recipe of good donuts ,
or an embarrassing photo of yourself doing something ;),


If you don't have the time, I understand but we have 7 people sharing this blog so not all 7 people don't have the time, do they?

Ok, this will be my last post til next week to see if even ONE 7 bachelor post something in this blog besides me! Must be more than one post!! Must be long and meaningful!! Make it 5 post minimun! 1 post per day!! For each bachelor!! (Depends on your time). Deadline will be next friday! Starting tomorrow!

make it like this..

(Day 1)
From ~someone~

Ok this is my 1st post.. See ya tomorrow!

(Day 2)
From ~that guy~

My 2nd post!! 3 more to go!!

(Day 3)
From ~that person~


Ok 3rd post!!

(Day 4)
From ~unknown~

Ok today i went to that place and..

4th post done!!

(Day 5)
From ~anonymous~

Ok final post til Adri comes back so I'm gonna make this long and meaningful..

Oh f**k that. 5 posts at last!

I don't want those kind of posts!
I'll be checking this blog once in a while but I won't be posting anything!!
I'll be in Johor and the cbox if you need me.
This applies to videos as well!!
If you guys fail.. I dunno if we failed as a group or I failed as a leader and friend..


Now if only I can change this FREAKING COLOR back to the original color!

Random pic of the day:

Wait... this time you guys put your random pic of the day!!
Oh and can anyone FORCE Hazim to post something!!?
He needs to let go ALL his inner emotions if you know what I mean.. ;D


Hey!! The original color is back!!

16 Disember 2008

7B News Flash: 'Fawwaz is emo.. lol.' has been banned..

Due to unauthorized use of content and emotional abuse, 7B's latest blog series, 'Fawwaz is emo..lol.' has been banned.
Fawwaz Hussamudin a.k.a "Le Fuzz" filed a lawsuit against the acclaimed video company.
Here's what his lawyer has to say.

Fawwaz's lawyer: They didn't ask for his permission to use the content of his blog. They hurt his feelings. He was very emotional at that time and they literally attack him mentally and emotionally with that post. But mostly mentally.

Lead chief inspector Razlan of the local police force also has something to say.

Lead chief inspector Razlan: This is a very serious case and usually this kind of stuff can lead to horrible things like suicide, mental disability, lost of the mind and kissing other men. Considering the victim is a guy I mean.

With all these comments and accusations, founder and C.E.O. of The 7 Bachelors, Adri 'The Boss' Ahmad defended himself with this comment.

Adri: That post ah. That post sounds like me. Looks like me. Even types like me but it isn't me at all!

The other members of The 7 Bachelors defended Adri Ahmad against this case.

Amir: OlioliolioliolioliolioliolioliolioliolioliolIooooooo


Hadi: Justice must be done!!

Danial: I have to continue studying..


Riyal: Well, well! Look what the cat dragged in!

The victim on the other hand..

Fawwaz: Tak sangka, Adri! I didn't talk to anyone after I talked to Michelle! And it's like the biggest insult to call me emo! I'm so hurt! *sniff*

After a few days of discussing the matter, The 7 Bachelors agreed to delete 'Fawwaz is emo..lol.'
For those of you who didn't get to read 'Fawwaz is emo..lol.', we are terribly sorry. We blame it on Adri for all of this problem. They will be more 7B Blog Series that are legit and meaningful in the future. Thank You.

Reported by:
Boh Hong Yew

Randon Pic of the day!

14 Disember 2008

im leaving on a jet plane


hello all im of to pinang from 15 dec till 17 dec.and can somebody get suk munn to invite us

13 Disember 2008

7B Blog Series Production presents: The Twilight Journey

by *Adri*

Saturday 13/12/08 happens to be the day that young Adri Ahmad have witnessed, perceived, behooved and seen Twilight! Yes my friends!! Twilight! Together with his bumbling friend Fawwaz, his loyal acquaintance Riyal and the lovely Millie, the journey to Twilight begins...

Based on an almost true story.

*The following conversations are on the phone and MAY contain inaccuracy.*

@12.40 p.m.

*ring ring*

Fawwaz: Hello?

Adri: Awak ambil saya kan?

Fawwaz: Ah uh. Pukul 1.30 saya ambil.

Adri: Ok, saya dah suruh Riyal beli ticket 3 o'clock show punya.

Fawwaz: Ok cun™.

Adri: cun™? What's that?

Fawwaz: Bye!

@1.31 p.m.

Adri: Fawwaz, awak on the way ke?

Fawwaz: Ah uh jap™. Tunggu abang saya jap™.

Adri: What?

Fawwaz: Bye!

@2.00 p.m.

Fawwaz: Adri! Saya dah on the way! Tunggu 15 minit lagi!

Adri: Ok ok. (I can continue watching Danny Phantom. Yay!)

Fawwaz: What was that?

Adri: (Alamak! Did he hear me?)

Fawwaz: Yes Adri.

Adri: (Oh crap. Gotta say something to distract him)

Fawwaz: Nothing can distract me.

Adri: ™!

Fawwaz: ™!

@ 2 something Fawwaz arrived! FINALLY!

At the cinema, our main man Adri and that guy were able to meet up with Riyal and Millie. Selene, another lovely lady and friend, arrive soon after. Adri bought his popcorn & into the cinema they go! Oh and they met Riyal's aunt before that. 3 lovely ladies in one day! ;)

In the cinema, just a few minutes of cinema ads, Adri's popcorn dropped! Gasp! Thanks a lot Riyal.
He's excuse was..

Riyal: Hey Millie was in the middle so it was HER fault!

Rite.. and Millie became the victim! Adri had to sweep her seat so that her @$$ won't feel all caramelly if you know what I mean.. haha! ;D

Just as the movie starts, Adri heard people talking already. The nerve! Then he looked beside him, it was Millie and Riyal! The nerve again! They were chatting bout something. He wouldn't know coz HE WAS FOCUSING ON WATCHING!

*The following conversations are in the cinema and MAY contain inaccuracy...again*

Fawwaz: Oooo.. I can't wait for Edward Cullen!!

Millie: Me tooo!!

Riyal: Oh that guy is hot! I like his hair!

(Or was it the father that Riyal find hot. Wait, that was Millie.. Oh well either way...)

Few minutes later...

Fawwaz: Cullencullencullencullencullencullen!! (He didn't say that but I wished he did. Lol)

Riyal: Eating popcorn on the floor is fun!

Millie: Sexual tension!!

Another few minutes.. (Fawwaz has been silenced. haha!)

*The scene is Edward and Bella are alone in the woods. Trailer ada tunjuk lah*

Bella (The female lead): You're incredibly fast and strong..

Riyal: Oh yeah!

Bella: Your skin is pale white and ice cold

Riyal: (Looked at Adri and nods with a smile that he enjoyed that)

Adri too actually enjoyed that scene. haha ;D

Few seconds later..

Millie: Say it..

Edward (Male Lead): Say it..

Millie: Out loud..

Edward: Out loud..

Adri: Eeeeeeeeeeeergh!!!

Millie: No he didn't say that, silly.

Thanks for predicting the future, Millie! Your help was very much 'appreciated'.. lol

Few minutes later...

Millie: Sexual tension!!

Another few minutes later..

Millie: Sexual tension!!!

The next freaking few minutes later..

Millie: SEXUAL TENSION!!! Hoorah!!

Adri: Shhhh....!!!


So that's pretty much it. The Twilight journey. I enjoyed the movie nevertheless. The movie was great. Even with all the chit-chats from Millie and Riyal. You gotta love them! Except for Fawwaz. He gave a flying kiss to me in the cinema and my pants were unzipped at the end of the movie..


Random pic of the day!
I want to suck your blood!

10 Disember 2008

Holy Smokes! Masked Freek just got 'imitated' by Kiva!


Ok. This is SO COOL!! Yesterday, I was watching this cool Japanese show called Masked Rider Kiva. Has anyone heard of it?

No? Alrite, moving on. I was watching the show and I saw scenes that resembles scenes from Masked Freek Ep.5.

Maybe this will provide a better explanation!

Cool eh?
Now I notice only Dark Kiva is doing the actions that resemble Masked Freek's..
Could there be a 'Dark' Masked Freek..?

Random Pic of the day!!
You can get 3666 views if you put "Death Awaits" in your title. lol ;D

8 Disember 2008

Back from ROME.. Kufufu~


Just got back from a very historical place (i hate history) ...
the first week was hellish... I have nothing say.. seriously, i almost died of boredom.. Well i survived somehow..

the second week was kinda ok heres the photo of the villa we stayed

Trying to light a fire with Pringles

But the last day was unique
I call it the Techno Hotel


Everything is Techno phones, Techno door knob, Techno tv, Techno table, Techno lamp..and


beatbox gathering(b-t-t-t-k-t-t-k-t-k-t-bk-t-t-k)


alright u all this is not really a 7bachelors formerly known as 6bachelors production but there will a beatbox gathering at one utama (not bandar utama).

venue :one utama,new wing,burger king(not bandar utama)
time :1pm till u get bored
formality rating:0%

so to all of you malaysian beatbox candidates...ur all welcome to comejust for the fun of it.and leave any arrogance behind according to the organiser fellow beatboxer shawn lee.oh and hopefully some 7bachelors can come so ican finally be in a vid

Cicakman 2 : Planet Hitam (Black Planet)


Its has been a while since Cicakman 1 and now at last Cicakman 2 is coming on the 11th of December. I heard that Cicakman 2 will be aired at Thailand, Singapore, Brunei and of course, Malaysia.


The shooting that took place in Penang, Gua Tempurung, Kampar, Universiti Teknologi Petronas, and Kuala Lumpur costs 2.5 million Ringgit. The costume used in the sequel is higher in quality than the prequel as well as the price cost RM 50 thousand per set while in the prequel the costume used costs only RM 20 thousand per set.


The evil Professor Klon (Aznil Nawawi) is back. This time, not only to overthrow the government and become the President of Metrofulus, but also to control the world's supply of fresh water through his ingenious plan; "Black Planet". When our blue planet has only 72 hours before turning black, Cicakman (Saiful Apek) comes to rescue.

But much to his surprise he face his old enemies; Ginger Boys, who return even more powerful as spiritual form as Ginger Ghosts (Adlin Aman Ramlie & AC Mizal). In addition, he is now faced with Professor Klon's hired assassin; Rrama (Tamara Bleszynski), an assassin who derives pleasure in killing as if it were a pure art form. As the situation starts taking a downward spiral, even a super hero needs help. But help appears in the most unexpected forms, including Danny (Yusry Abd Halim) his demised best friend, a powerful feng shui master, Miss Chee (Louisa Chong) and an unlikely party.

Apart from his heavy responsibilities to save the world, he also has his own personal dilemmas to address; that is Hairi vs Cicakman. He has to resolve his personal feelings towards Tania Fasha Sandha), who is seeking the true identity of Cicakman and he also has to choose whether to sacrifice his own life or save Iman (Sharifah Amani), Danny's blind sister.

Here's the poster

Cicakman 2 - Planet Hitam (Cicakman 2 - Black Planet) is a film sequel of Cicak-Man that will be released in 11 December 2008 by KRU Studios with collaboration with Grand Brilliance Sdn. Bhd.

Still directed by Yusry Abdul Halim with script by the director and Meor Shariman, this action-comedy will see the return of the cast from the first movie and new characters will be introduced.


I am definately going to watch this movie and I recommend you do too.
Support our local industry people, because someday, The7Bachelors too, might publish a movie...someday my friend...maybe someday...

New video!!

Ok, mates. Adri's in the house! I did promised you guys a vid rite? Well, here ya go!!

Watch it in high quality here

Alright note me on this. This is not the vid that I said was from Australia. This is an entirely other vid I was able to make this past few days in Johor. I'll try finishing up that vid someday. So yeah. Enjoy ;)

at the youtube page.

Random pic of the day!
"PS3? Pfft! I have Mr.Mouse!!"

7 Disember 2008

Partying at Fawwaz's!!


Fawwaz's house is the bomb!
He has bb guns!
He has bb guns!
And he has bb guns!!
But most of all!!


Adri: "Hey Fawwaz!"
Fawwaz: "Apa ko nak?! Aku picit telo ko kang!!"
Adri: "I just want to announce our random picture of the day...*sniff*"
Fawwaz: "Pergi mati lah!"

Adri: "At least I have you, Artoo... T_T"
Artoo: "*beep* f**k u bit*h*beep*"
Adri: "I love you too!"


6 Disember 2008

Holidays are supposed to be fun...


When I was in school, I cant wait for the holidays... but now when the holidays are here, I CANT WAIT FOR SCHOOL TO START!!!
lol!!! haha..not only me, but a lot of people feel this way too.. I guess we take things for granted. We dont appreciate things that are already there...
A wise women once said ; "One of the most tragic things I know about human nature is that all of us tend to put off living. We are all dreaming of some magical rose garden over the horizon-instead of enjoying the roses blooming outside our windows today."
and I totally agree with this quote. :D
owh well...

here comes the :

5 Disember 2008

random youtube video of the day!



Watching excessively may cause severe damage to your eyes

Thats was scary wasnt it?
When I watched this vid for the first few seconds, I tought he was a women!! LOL!

1 Disember 2008

New vid in the making.. (EDITED)

Hey. Adri here! Just to let you know that FINALLY a new vid is coming out! At last! Now I haven't come up with the tittle yet but maybe I'll put something random like ' Attack of the Peanuts' even though the vid has nothing to do with peanuts!! Yeah!!


Ok that was lame..
But I do know this, it takes place in Australia.
Yeah you read it just now! Australia!
As in the movie 'Australia'!
Starring Nicole Kidman and that metal claw guy from X-Men!
And also the birth place of the late Steve Irwin!
Oh how everybody loved him...
It's been 2 years!
Anyway, I can give you some pics on what's coming up in the vid!

Alright! Expect them in the vid! Except for my lil bro there at the last pic. I just put that to see if some of you will go "Awwww...SO CUTE!!" or "Eewww.. Snow Globe!".


EDIT: Actually I haven't started editing it yet but the footage are there. In hope's of next week it will come out.

Random pic of the day!
This is a sign.. The devil wants me to read my messages..

Hello Everybody!


hey guys!
Amir here...just in case you dont know me, just look out for the ugliest guy in the videos and thats me :D

Its the holidays now and we wanna make more vids...but our editor(Hadi) is at Italy flirting so...yeah...
lol...I was just joking about the flirting thing...
he's not flirting(i think)...

30 November 2008

You will follow us~..

Hey guys! Adri here! Just want to tell you ppl that if you want to have up-to-date info on 7B, jadilah pengikut kami!
To become one just click 'ikuti blog ini'
It's above the poll.
Just bare with the BM words.
I want this blog to be unik!
Lol ;)

Yup! This will enable you guys to receive latest info of this blog and 7B!
Isn't that awesome!!?


Ok! Bring in the random pic of the day!!
There's always peng!!

ding dong bell!!!(the devil/riyal/arabian currency)

good evening ladies and gentlemen.i am this tonight entertainment.u see i havent been on any vids the7b vids but i have done a cameo before dispite me being the el vice presdante.so yeah im kinda still hoping i get in one of these infamous vids.i do have my own utube profile.check out will3turner.so yeah heres my first post.there should be more to come

Getting used to..

OK! Adri here! I think I got this blog thing down!
Soon this blog will be filled with stuff of epic proportion!!
Remember that, fellow members of 7B!
You can type anything here!!
Let me try putting one of our vids.

Ah our 1st vid...
Actually it's the 2nd vid but the logo thing doesn't count.
If only we can get people to read this blog...

Random pic of the day:
Fly! Kamen Rider IXA! FLY!

29 November 2008


Ok. Adri here.. I'm just testing this damned thing on how it works... hmm..
Let's see...
  • Hey I can put dots!
  • This is so cool!
  • Look i'm a dot!!
  1. And numbers!!!
  2. Amazing!!
  3. I'm numba 3! Fear me!
I can put links!!

I can even put quotes!
"I don't read scripts. Scripts read me."
- Robert Downey Jr as that aussie dude who plays a black dude. Lol ;)

I can color my text!
I'm red!
I'm blue!
I'm green!
I'm that color!

Oooo! Different fonts!

Georgia! Oh Georgia!
I would like my meal to be GRANDE!!

Oh yeah! Different size!
and i am little sister.. *spare me* T_T
(A little joke from bioshock ;p)

ooooo! Differrent style!
Hello I'm an Italian!
Yo! Imma bust your @$
Ola! Imma an Italian that's gona bust your @$$!
lol ;)


I present to you!! The 7 bachelors!
Well 3 of them...

OK! so far so good!

Alignment I can handle
Videos I will add later..

Ok for one final thing before I go..

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy frog. I mean dog!

Pic courtesy of google

Alright! Everything looks great! Expect more posts from us in the future!!