3 April 2011



Timothy: ARE WE ROBBING A F****NG BANK?!!?

Captain: We're 'adventuring' a bank, Timothy. Keep up.

- Sanity Not Included (S2 EP3)

Salutations everyone. Adri here with the latest news. It seems that I'm the only guy updating this blog. Again. Yay.

On a side note, I am now officially a *takes very deep breath* GAMES DEVELOPMENT STUDENT! Yeah! And one of my assignments is to design levels for a certain game that I want to create. *cough*Fawwaz:TheIbanWarrior*cough*. So more of that in the coming future.

As for our videos news, I just finished editing our latest video. Starring my 6-year-old bro and my 8-year-old sis. They wanted a video of them in 7B so I just think of a story on the spot and shot the video right there. I am so awesome. So please wait for the release soon! :D

Well that's all I have to type. I'll see you when I see you. Peace!

Random pic of the day:

Nom nom nom..